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No description

Jaqueline Amador

on 29 December 2015

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Transcript of College

by: jaqueline amador
Do you want to go to college
Celebrities who went to college
Do you want to go to college?We do.Do you know about college?Well don't worry because either way we're going to tell you about it. : )
reasons to go to college
*Ready for Life
*More Connection With the World
*Be a Better Person
Associate Degree-2 year degree.
Bachelor's Degree- 4-5 years to get it.

Master's Degree-2-5 years to get it.

Doctoral Degree-8 years to get it.
*Race Car Driver
*Game maker
*Adam Sandler
*Ariana Grande
*Bruce Lee
*Lady Gaga
*Martin Luther King
*Barak Obama
any questions?
There are many subjects you can choose from.
Going to college is fun.You Can meet new
people and can get help.
If you are thinking of going to college
great, if you're not we suggest you do
because going to college makes your life
* Make More Money
preparing for college
You can start now
*Work Hard
*Finish Tasks
*Do Homework
*Challenge Yourself
*Fix Problems
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