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The Lifestyle

No description

Rebecca Radford

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Lifestyle

lexi, 25
The Lifestyle
chelsea, 24
thad, 30's
damien, 40's
ruby, 8
Club Bathroom
Club Red Carpet
Balcony Cafe
Outside Damian's
Damian's Kitchen
I think Lexi probably lives with one other roommate, and she is partially living off Daddy’s credit card still. I like the color palette to be neutrals with the accents colors being chartreuse and teal. Everything will be contemporary and chic. I imagine she is probably kind of messy and indulges herself a lot.
The concept for the kitchen is that it is a gourmet chef’s kitchen in neutral tones (creams, beige, brown with hints of greens). The family does not actually use it, but wants to show off that it is designer and suggest that maybe they actually make designer food by having high end cookbooks, appliances, etc… but they never really cook or bake. It is more like a showroom that kitchen except for the few Ruby things.
lace bodysuit
shawna, 40's
Period Bathroom
4 outfits
Club/red carpet - Thursday, Monday
Brunch - Sunday
Boutique/Apartment - Friday
Bar - Saturday
6 Outfits
Club/red carpet - Thursday
Brunch - Sunday
Bday Party - Tuesday
Boutique - Friday
Conference - Saturday
Club - Monday
Hotel Duval
Using lighting to increase club atmosphere. I want to add a few industrial-looking items like a trashcan, towel dispenser, etc, to also increase club feel. Would like to add cool practicals, but will depend on Luxi and shooting space.
Needs vegetation -- Palm fronds
"Freshening up" -- COLOR (pillows, flowers, serving ware), Extras
planters, security system,
practicals on house
Goal: to brighten
Red Carpet Back Exit
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