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Coca-Cola Financial Analysis

No description

Eva Hellebrandová

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Coca-Cola Financial Analysis

Key Facts
Context of the Analysis
Financial Structure
Trend Analysis
Comparative Analysis
Cash Flow Statements
Risk Assessment
1886 Creation of Coca-Cola drink by Dr. John S. Pemberton
1892 Asa Candler created the Coca-Cola Company
biggest beverages producers (produce, package & distribute)
Dedicated to satisfying customers all over the world
2020 vision is in the minds
of consumers
Six main aspects of their vision: people, portfolio, partners, planet, profit, and productivity
Adopt sustainable practices such as quality, knowledgeable staff, maximizing long-term returns, and continually innovating
Coca-Cola Key Facts
Context of the Analysis
Financial Structure

Comparative analysis
Cash Flow Statements
Risk Assessment
Competition in the industry and saturation of some markets
Health-cautious customers
High sugar price and declining consumer spending
Failure in quality control on the product
Legislation changes
Invest → profitable
Leading brand
Having Stock
Debts are quickly repaid

Trend Analysis
Group F – WANG Xinkai, MOTET Chloé, PHONCHANA Pheeranna, GARCIA MOYANO Marina, RENAUD Julien, HELLEBRANDOVA Eva, MAO Charlène, SCHOTMAN Hendrika Maria

Thank you for your attention

Any questions?
Liquidity and solvency perspective
Current ratio
Working Capital
Liquidity and solvency perspective
Acid Test Ratio
Leverage Ratio
Capital Employed perspective
Capital Employed
Capital Employed perspective
Invested Capital
Working Capital Ratio and Shareholders
Days Sales Outstanding
Days/ Payables
Days/ Inventories
Change in %
Coca-Cola’s growth and profitability
Coca-Cola’s efficiency and business returns
Context of the analysis
Cash Flow statements
Cash Flow
Cash From Operations
Cash from Inv. A
Cash From Fin. Activities
Free Cash Flow
Net Cash
Efficiency / Returns
Financial Leverage
Sport drinks
Energy drinks
Water, etc.
Brands like:
Coca-Cola Classic
Sprite, Fanta
Minute Maid,
Powerade, Dasani
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