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To the massive

Jeff Bridges

on 11 September 2009

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Transcript of Word

My Abode Welcome Gentelmen,
I believe, as i hope you do, that some man rave time is required. The only women necessary are those we point at and say "she's fit". As it happens im able to facilitate this endeavour. The setting will be my free house and the fine city of liverpool. A city stepped in history and glory, neither of which we will have any time for whatsoever. It also possess's many excellent drinking establishments which would better serve our needs. So parouse this helpful presentation at your leisure for my ideas and suggestions, contemplate and R.S.V.P Word First and foremost my house will be available dating from 18th sept 2009 to 2nd oct 2009. I humbly suggest the weekend of the 25th to be the most suitable time as this is what I have gleaned from the various sporadic conversations over the last two months with a few of you. This is of course open to debate; I use the word debate as it must be supported by reasoned argument. I will of course provide various forms of entertainment, namely gaming and music * If at all possible will those with the capabilities bring extra pads and a copy of PES 09 please Possibilities for Main Attractions Lets say for arguments sake its the 25th Lets say for arguments sake we do it on the weekend of the 18th Fuck it, your getting a timeline Always a winner
this lad I was thinkin maybe a bite to eat, could be a restaurant affair as above OR.... Or just good old reliable to keep costs down, yes mike we all know ur vote. FRIDAY!! SATURDAY!! *Please see previous suggestions Before this there is nothing..... SUNDAY!! Come down/hangover day *If people must leave on the sunday perphaps a saturday roast would be more appropriate? After this i dont care.......
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