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Copy of Template Blogging (Canvas)

Taking a look at the recent history of these innovative websites which constantly contribute to the act of bridging gaps between the Internet and reality.

Nancy Vecchioni

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Template Blogging (Canvas)

Bridging Medications
Nancy D. Vecchioni, RN, MSN, CPHQ
Vice President Medicare Operations
What is It?
Providing a limited supply of
medications to the next setting
of care or home "A Bridge" to allow
time for medications to be reconciled and acquired.
Types of Programs
Availability of medication
Medication orders not transmitted before
patient arrival to Nursing Home
Arrival to administration
>3 doses omitted
>12 hours
33% of omitted doses highest
potential for ADEs
Delays in receiving medications
Improved coordinated care
Patient & family satisfaction
Better perception of care
More timely medication administration
eliminating missed doses
Cost savings
Allow time for prior authorizations
without missing doses
Motivating Factors
Nursing Home
Time spent by admissions nurse to reconcile medications

Multiple documents sent by the hospital with conflicting medication lists

Limited access to hospital contact to verify medication orders

Patient dissatisfaction with medication availability

Missing C-II scripts resulting in inability to provide timely pain medication
Improve discharge medication reconciliation process

Reduce 30-day readmissions

Improve patient satisfaction
Increase Satisfaction

Pain controlled

Receive medication

Improved safety
What's the Process
Nancy Vecchioni, MPRO
Baseline Results
50% of patients received with a pain diagnosis
experienced delays in scheduled medications

50% had difficulty in continuity of pain
medication orders, experiencing breakthrough

Staff time required for reconcile and obtaining medications averaged 90 minutes per admission

Remeasurement Results
30 - 60 minute decrease in the nurses time during the admission process

Zero patient complaints

100% of patients received scheduled medications on time

Zero missed doses

100% patients with a pain related diagnosis experienced no interruption in receipt of pain medication and had no breakthrough in pain
Currently examining readmission rates
Prior to start of program
17 patients followed
18% readmitted
Program implementation
of those same 17
0% readmitted

Addressing delays in medication administration for patients transferred from the hospital to the nursing home: a pilot quality improvement project. Am J Geriatr Pharmacother, 2008; 6:205-211)
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