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OlaCabs: Presentation

Cab Services

simermeet singh

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of OlaCabs: Presentation

Customer Feedback Drives Cost Savings, Improved Business Processes, and New Opportunities.
Business Challenge
The Feedback received is reviewed after the customer experience.
Business Challenge
Real Feedback. Not in Realtime.
Rely on indirect employees for customer feedback.
Business Challenge
End Customer Disconnect
Inability to collect unfiltered, direct feedback from customers.
Business Challenge
Factual Data
Ability to respond to what customers in the marketplace want.
Business Challenge
"Outside-In" view of the company.
Capture Direct Customer Input
Act on both positive and negative feedback, in real time.
Analyze Factual Data, without Prejudice.
Enterprise Feedback Management System. (EFM)
Automated transactional surveys across various customer touchpoints.
Direct Customer Input
Front line employee & adviser feedback collection
Customer Input Channels
CRM Integration
Database Connect
Ad Hoc surveys about specialized customer service interactions and other customer experiences.
Analyze, measure, and score every feedback, or response in real time.
Sentiment Analysis Engine
Analysis based on unfiltered factual data instead of human perception.
Dynamic routing based on Sentiment Score, for real time review and follow up.
Motivate Employees Through Customer Satisfaction
A Competitive Edge with a Reputation for Great Customer Service
Improved Business Processes Drive Customer Satisfaction and Retention
Customer Satisfaction drives Stocks
Source: 2006 Study, University of Michigan
Understanding the Silent Majority
Customers most likely to provide feedback on really bad or really good experiences....
Understanding the Silent Majority
Customers most likely to provide feedback on really bad or really good experiences....
..and almost never if the experience lies somewhere in between. Hence, the
silent majority
Understanding the Silent Majority
Customers who fall in the silent majority drive the success or failure of a business.
Experience Measurement
How am I doing? What is my performance?
Experience measurement allows companies to answer some specific questions:
You can't manage what you don't measure. You can't begin to evaluate or improve until you know where you are right now
Where Should I focus my efforts?
Customer satisfaction, when measured properly, predicts sales, loyalty, and recommendations.
Research shows that customer satisfaction can even predict Stock Prices.
Why should I take action? Will the payback be worth it?
A good customer measurement system is a critical tool for managing decisions and setting goals.
Verbatim Feedback
Next Steps
Ineffective feedback management is bad for business.
Capture feedback through
Multi Mode

Capture Feedback in Realtime
Capture feedback through
Multi Mode
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