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Jojo Mistermoops

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Blobfish!

Where do Blobfish live?
Blobfish live deep in the ocean (800 meters or 2625 feet deep to be exact!), in an area called the Twilight Zone, which is why Blobfish are hard to find. Because of the pressure this deep in the ocean, they have a gelatinous form to sustain the pressure. This is why they change appearance, since they live so far down! Specifically, they live near Australia and Tanzania.
What do Blobfish eat?
Because Blobfish live so far down, the only thing they can really hunt is invertabra such as mollusks, sea pens, and crabs because they have no muscle whatsoever, so they are unable to hunt bigger prey, so they depend on the weakest creatures for their meals.
Who Helps?
The Ugly Animal Preservation Society is one of the top supporters of blobfish.The society stared when they ask why are only handsome animals that where Zoo-worthy the ones people cared about or why scientists never researched or funded ugly animals need of help. "people always shouted 'save the whale,'" tells biologist Simon Watt, the organization's president, " but until now no ones ever payed attention to any unique animals like blobfish, just because they are ugly!
Are they Hunted?And by Who?
Blobfish are in grave danger. Not from other fish, but from us (they have no natural predator because they are inedible). from crab fishermen near Australia because blobfish are often caught and killed by fishing nets while people are fishing for crabs. Some specialist say these gooey fish will be extincted in a few decades if we don't stop to help them.But the worst thing is that few people and organizations are doing anything to help them because of the way they look. So will blobfish die because we are to disgusted to help the? Some people and organizations say NO!
Thank you!
What is a Blobfish?
A blobfish is a rather ugly creature, with a gelatinous form when out of water. They are usually a pinkish-grey color. The weird thing about a blobfish, however, is that it changes form when in water and when out of water. In water, it looks like a normal fish (left), but a blobfish out of water looks like Nature's biggest mistake (right). Why do they change form? We'll get to that soon! But first let's learn the basics of the Blobfish!
Fun Facts about Blobfish!
- Blobfish have no muscle!
- Blobfish live so deep that the pressure their is 8 times greater than where we live!
- Blobfish change their appearance in and out of water! This is because their bodies change in different pressures.
- Blobfish have no natural enemy because their flabbiness makes them inedible!
By Jonah and John!
A video about Blobfish...
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