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Nick Vujicic- Never give up

No description

joaquin umaschi

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Nick Vujicic- Never give up

We think he is a life example because in spite of his situation he go on, and now he have a normal life with his family
What do we think about him
Nick Vujicic- Never give up
He was born on
4 December 1982
He is an Australian christian person who has
Tetra-amelia syndrome.

Nick have a
wife named Kanae Miyahara and 1 child.
He studied at
Griffith University
and has a bachelor of commerce.
In 2005 he was
nominated to the Australian person of the year.
The speech talks about how to face life,
how to be positive in spite of the situation.
He always was thinking about what to do in life, but now he has a normal life.
This is because he NEVER GIVE UP.
Never give up- Nick Vujicic
Joaquin Umaschi- Eitan Espinoza
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