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The chosen - Chapters 5 & 6 Block A Literature

No description

Elise Pape

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of The chosen - Chapters 5 & 6 Block A Literature

Major Characters
Reuven- just got back from hospital
Reuven's Father- answers Reuven's questions about Danny. - Thin,Frail man in his 50's ; with grey hair, gaunt cheeks and spectacles
Manya- Malter's housekeeper - Russian, she wears "man-sized shoes" and greets Reuven with hugs and kisses -- She has dark hair, worn in a bun, and wears "man-sized" shoes.

Chapter 6
Reuven sits with his father at the dinner table, and asks him questions about Danny.
Shabbat Rituals-
Set the table- challa and a bottle of wine
Light candles - 2 candles - 18 minutes before sundown
Evening services
His father tells him the history of the Jewish people in Poland
Polish Jews were persecuted by Polish peasants and by members of the Greek Orthodox Church
A leader named the Ba'al Shem Tog emergered into this spiritual void with a new vision of Judaism, and Hasidism was born.
Every Hasidic community was led by a tzaddik
What other questions do you have over chapter 5 & 6?
Chapter 5
Reuven and his father arrive home from the hospital.
Manya has lunch prepared for them.
Manya is their Russian houskeeper. She has dark hair, worn in a bun, and wears "man-sized" shoes.
Reuven walks through the apartment, he seems lost, as though he is going through his apartment, like he just moved in.
Lives in a three story brown stone home
Reuven goes to his room, looks at all his posters on his walls.
Reuven remarks that the hydrangea bush “seemed suddenly luminous and alive.”
Reuven’s description of his apartment shows the Malter's focus on religion (Jewish) and modern day culture.
Jewish culture runs strong through the house, an example is the poraits of Zionists. There is also an emphasis on current events. We see this when Reuven has a war map on his wall and picture of Albert Einstein.
The Chosen - Chapters 5 & 6
Elise, Lexie, and Taylor
Block A World Literature

Literary critics have many different opinions on chapter 6. Some believe that it is a perfect fit for the novel, while some believe that Potok is lecturing and that this chapter slows down the novel. What are you opinions of having chapter 6 in the novel?
Chapter 6 - Solomon Maimon
Story of Solomon Maimon-
Solomon Maimon was an eighteenth-century Jew who abandoned his family to study philosophy in Berlin and died alone.
Mr.Malter mentions this story to Reuven saying that Danny may be even smarter than Soloman, and can get all te books he wants. Mr.Malter says how Dannys brillance can lead to lonliness, jusr like Solomon Mamimom.
Mr. Malter encourages Reuven to become friends with Danny
Mr. Malter says that Danny is lost to whether he should follow his mind or his father.
They can both benefit from the friendship.

Absence of Mother
Primarily a tale of fathers and sons
We know that his mother died just after he was born, and that he’s been raised by his father and female housekeeper, named, Manya.
danny has a sister, which we haven't learned the name of.

What do you think the absence of woman in
The Chosen

Chapter 5
Reuven shows a love for learning, and also shows a desire to learn outside the boundaries of a strict Jewish tradition.
Reuven watches children out the window.
Window is a symbol of freedom and the children are considered more free than the rest of us.- Reuven isn't free
Since Reuven has been placed in the hospital he sees the world differently and has a different outlook on life.
Reuven's Father, David, doesn't want Reuven to bother him while he is working.
Reuven goes outside and lays on a chair, and realizes how much the past five days have changed.
Reuven remembers that Danny has promised to visit him the next day.

Before Reuven couldn't see the beauty and realization of items, and now after getting back from the hospital, Reuven can acknowledge the wonders around him.
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