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Persuasive Devices

No description

Elizabeth Smith

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Devices

Bandwagon Effect Bandwagon effect is when someone makes it seem like a lot of people agree on the same idea. Where might we find these in daily life? Loaded Words Loaded words are words that are meant to create an emotional response in people (usually fear). Testimonials Testimonials are when people share their story of why a product, service, or idea is good. Name-Calling Name-calling is when something or someone tries to make him/her/itself look good by putting something or someone else down. Things Aren't Always As They Appear Persuasive Devices Persuasive devices (also known as propaganda) use language to convince people to believe something or to do something. It is a type of peer pressure. Why does this technique work? What does it take advantage of? People need to belong. They want to be part of something, and so in a group, they start to think alike. Rodent Connecticut Surprisingly Shockingly Glamorous Wounded Why does this technique work? What does it take advantage of?
People are motivated by emotions. Loaded words takes advantage of emotions and experiences. Experts: People with credibility (believability) endorse something.
EXAMPLE: Polartec Celebrities: People we admire endorse something.
EXAMPLE: Britney Spears endorses Pepsi. What was her message?
Pepsi: For those who think young Consumers: People who have used the product endorse the product.
EXAMPLE: People who have used the Atkins diet might testify about how much weight they lost. Why does this technique work? What does it take advantage of?
People are more willing to believe individuals than companies
People value celebrities Name-calling is used frequently in political ads. "The Jew is an infection to the people" Other examples?
During the Civil Rights Movement: African American men were called brutes and animals
Bush was called a fascist
Obama was called a snob and a liar Why does this technique work?
People remember negative comments.
People are always looking for someone to blame. Plain Folks Plain folks is when someone tries to portray him/herself as a "regular person," or when a company presents a product as for the "common man." Why does this technique work?
People trust those who are like them. Snob Appeal Snob appeal creates a feeling of desire or envy for products that are "top of the line." It tries to make certain products seem luxurious or elegant. In other words, you want it because other people will be jealous or will admire you for having it. It plays on your pride. Grey Poupon: "One of life's finer pleasures." Why does this technique work?
People want to feel unique.
People want to feel like they are better than others. You try: Loaded Words Chart
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