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MKT7050 Project

Mengying Wang

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of VOGUE

Group 3 : Izac Jessie Joyce
Miya Rebecca
All photographs/ trademarked and copyrighted indicia are property of Vogue and Condé Nast Publications.
This presentation is only for personal study and shall not used for any commercial purpose.
We will not have or accept any liability or responsibility based on this work.
“The world's most influential fashion magazine”

--New York Times, 2006
Founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure in the U.S.
Picked up by Condé Nast in 1909: home to some most celebrated media brands
Monthly publication since 1973
Past & Present of Vogue
Fashion Magazine Market in China
Current editor-in-chief:
Anna Wintour (U.S.) since 1988
Protects Vogue’s status and reputation among fashion magazines
The most influential figures in the global fashion industry
The origin character of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada
“Pedestal focusing on new and accessible concepts of ‘fashion’ for a wider audience.”
Magazine + Website(Vogue.com) + Apps
Voguepedia: Fashion Database
SWOT Analysis
4 Ps Analysis
Market Environment
Market Analysis
Sales of Top Six Fashion Magazines in China
in First Half Year, 2012 (Billion RMB)
Audience Base : General
Market Mix
Well-established brand
Long history
Famous as “Fashion Bible”
High positioning of readers
Unique content
International, various versions in 17 countries and area
Top production team
Employ the most professional editors,
the most distinguished designers,
the most talent photographers and models
Many famous designers are cultivated by Vogue
Attach to large enterprise Condé Nast
Strong financial support
Strong advertising support
High market share globally
Lack of enough localization
Its western style which cannot attract enough Chinese and Asian readers’ eyeballs.
Late enter China market
Entered China market in 2005, later than Elle, Bazaar, etc.
Cover a narrow content
Only focus on the aspects of fashion, cosmetics and a little bit of life.
Low market share in China market
Applications of new media
Digital version: iphone APPs, android APPs
Social website: Facebook, Twitter etc.
Change of China demographic structure
The young generation who would easily accepted western culture is enlarging.
Increasing income of Chinese women
Large potential consuming group
The waking of the sense of fashion, especially for Chinese fashion taste.
Other similar magazines (competitors) Global market: Elle, Cosmopolitan.
China market: Rayli
Policies restrictions by Chinese government
The declination of the print media industry
-Fashion Magazine
-Vary from nation to nation
-Retail sales
-Integrated market communication
Audience base: gender
Three levels of product
Magazine Circulation Demographics in 2012
Total Average Circulation: 1,222,373
Audience base: education
Audience base: employed
Pricing method: Polycentric pricing (bottom up)
Price Mainly in USA, Taiwan, and China
- USA Price:
- Taiwan Price:
- China Price:
PEST Analysis
Market positioning
Strategies at first-tier city
Strategies at second-tier city

Advantages of First-tier cities
- Purchasing power
- More luxury brands
- High education level -
High awareness of fashion
1. Content localization
2. Integrated resources
3. Cooperate with local fashion school
4. Modify the bookbinding and reduce the weights of the
5. Digitalization of the magazine. QR Code.
-Increase brand awareness by
setting up more retail avenues
-Offer discount for the regular
-Develop cross-industry
distribution channels
Ideas of this strategy:
-Vogue is a fashion guide as well as a fashion platform
-The platform offer interaction between VOGUE and
Forms of this strategy:
-Fashion Party
-Beauty and makeup workshop
-Communities event
-Cross-industry cooperation .
Core product of Vogue
Social status Fashion guide and platform Taste and style
17 different versions all over the world
Teen Vogue
Vogue Girl (South Korea and Australia)
Vogue Living
Vogue Entertaining+Travel
Vogue Homes Internationl (France)
L’uomo Vogue (Italy)
Man’s Vogue (twice a year)
Actual product
Augmented Products
Smartphone Apps
Tablet Apps
Vogue TV
Vogue archive
Collection hosted or sponsored by Vogue
Fashion Nights’ Out (FNO)
Retail Merchants
- Supermarket
- Books stores
- Newsstands
Digital Distribution
-Apps on Smart phones.
-Subscriptions on Official Website
-Subscriptions on Amazon, Taobao
Other Distribution Ways
-Beauty Salon
-Book Bar
Communication Model
Content promotion:
- Combined subscription
- Gift bags
Social network promotion:
Paid TV promotion
Event Promotion :
- Collection Show
- Fashion week
- Charity Gala
- CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund
- Celebrity
Elle VS Vogue
Elle – “She”
A worldwide French magazine
1945: founded by a couple
1988: entered the Chinese market (with wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hearst Corporation)
2001: ELLE Chinese website established.
How could Vogue maintain its own characteristics as well as cater to local fashion tastes in China market?
Think global,
act local
Magazine Promotion Methods:
Mainly focus on content promotion and advertising promotion methods.
Magazine rarely promote itself by using particular commercials ,but by cooperating with various social medias or events.
- Pioneer of fashion magazines but relatively limited globalization
- The
of China fashion market might impede Vogue’s development
- Prosperity of
new media
: another external cause to limit Vogue
Possible Advice
- Brand extension is important for Vogue to compete with Elle. Vogue should develop derivation product to consolidate its brand value.
- Strengthen the interaction with audiences and offer what they want to know.
- Vogue needs to work harder to develop digital strategies to reach its reader and advertisers effectively.
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