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Computer Class

No description

GV Computer

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Computer Class

Computer Class
Jacob Glavickas
Mr. Cannon
Mr. Cannon became the leader of the Illuminati
Ryan Busser
Ryan got his nickname "The Bus" after he punched a bus going mph
Clayton Takacs
Clayton learned the guitar
to impress his beard.
Michael became a history teacher after
he discovered the original Fred Flinstone
Justin Benson
Justin loved to live only halfway in the
Greg Ridgeway
Greg became president of the United States after graduating 8th grade computer class
Michael Russell
Michael became a pro tennis player Antartica
Cole Lew
Preston Gibbons
Preston was George Washington's
right hand man and twin!
Derrick Robinson
Derrick became the first baseball
player of Grand Valley who successfully
talked the ball into a homerun
Thomas Spremulli
Thomas shrank to a
younger version of himself
and successfully started
the science of reverse aging
Jacob became
Rachael Taylor
Rachael started working
for Disney and starred in
the new movie
Big Hero 6!
Michael Panas
Cole found himself in another alternate universe
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