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easyJet's Consumer Profile

No description

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of easyJet's Consumer Profile

easyJet's Consumer Profile
More business travellers are using low cost/no frills airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair (Mintel, 2013).

These business travellers tend to be from small/medium sized businesses as the larger ones may have a bigger budget to spend on travel (Mason, 2001).

Business passengers are twice as likely to be male than female (Mintel, 2013)
Purchasing behaviour
Need to fly to Amsterdam for business on a regular basis.

Look for cheap flights on the Internet that fly to this destination.

Look at other Low cost airlines like Ryan air.

Purchase the product on the Internet.

Evaluate the product.
Consumer motives and Value
The new business traveller is going to be mainly motivated by cost and convenience (Mason, 2001)

This links in with the Smith and Colgate's (2007) value framework, meaning he will have a functional value as easyJet focus on getting people from A to B. He will also fit under the cost subheading as he works for a small/medium business, meaning he doesn't have the ability to spend as much as a larger company would.
In 2008, easyJet launched its loyalty card program for frequent travellers who want to benefit from priority check-in and boarding facilities (Caswell, 2008).
Market trends
The new business consumer profile
What have easyJet done to target their customers?
EasyJet sell their lowest fares first and then
increase fares as the departure date draws closer. This means that business travellers can book their flights in advance and secure the cheap flights. (Mason, 2001)
25 year old male from London traveling to Amsterdam.
Travels twice a month staying 2 nights midweek each time.
Works for a small - medium insurance company.
No children

VALS - Thinker
ACORN - 2D15 - Rising Prosperity, City Sophisticates, Younger Professionals in small flats

Slightly concerned about the environment
Socially conscious
Not family orientated at the moment
Trend follower

External factors affecting the market
They have also implemented a new system called Flexi-fare which allows date changing, fast track boarding and seat selection.
Improved rail services to Europe have reduced the use for budget airlines such as Easyjet as it is convenient for our traveller who is based in London to get on the Eurostar should he prefer.

Due to developments in technology there has been a shift from business travel to virtual meetings which are cheaper and can be done from the office or home (Arnfalk & Kogg, 2003).

The increase in APD by ABTA - however this mainly effected long haul economy flights, and had less of an impact on short haul flights which is what our consumer would be using (Press Association, 2012).
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