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Adapting Velib' to South Africa

No description

Grégoire Naudin

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Adapting Velib' to South Africa

Adapting Velib' to South Africa
Why South Africa?
Our Project
1. Poverty
2. Criminality
3. Traffic
4. Language
26% of the population lives under the poverty line. 13% in France
what about the guarantee?
solution : reducing the production costs
criminality rate very high
how to protect bicycles from criminality ?
avoid big cities where crimes are more common
put the bicycles in sheds with security codes
11000 people killed in traffic accidents in 2012
streets are crowded, lot of traffic jam
small cities with less traffic
promote the fact that with bike, you can't get stuck in the traffic
work with government to build bicycle paths
the energy issue
South Africa has 11 official languages, spoken by almost 98% of the population
All do NOT speak English
Necessity to be available for everyone
an emerging economy, 3% growth of GDP in 2012
a strategical market, leader in Africa
combination of
bhayisikili and inkulule
colour of the South African flag
adapting the system of Velib' in South Africa
There are some challenges!!
Thank you for your attention
a dynamic country with 53 million people
European heritage, the use of bicycles
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