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No description

Kia Vang

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of ANOREXIA

-Eating disorder (loss of appetite) &
a form self-starvation

-The cause is unknown.

-Can affect anyone

What is Anorexia (also known as Anorexia Nervosa)?
How dangerous this can be...
-Anorexia is very common
~can affects people of all ages
Can lead to death
-Severe physical body changes occur

-Many people don't realize they have anorexia
-More in detailed with the problem



-Top solution

Health insurance criteria for Anorexia disorder.

Trying to get adequate health insurance for eating disorder.
Janell was hospitalized
-twice within a few months
The second time,
-the insurance company withdrawn coverage, discharged after 3 days.

AGE 23
insurer should cover anorexia
Cheaper Treatments

Passing Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act.
-Insurers will cover anorexic patients the same as they will to patients with physical illness.
-5 to 20% cases of anorexia leads to death
~cardiac arrest
~medical complications

-Each yr, millions of people in U.S. are denied of
full insurance coverage

-Result in a life-threatening situation
-Mental Functioning
~feeling dull, listless
~slow heart rates, low blood pressure, dizziness, stomach complications, kidney failure
~swollen cheeks, hair loss, loss of teeth, bone
-90% of those afflicted are adolescents, & women
-Over 1/2 teenage girls
-Nearly 1/3 teenage boys
-10 to 15% men

The Extent of the Problem

-Anorexia Insurance Coverage treatment process
can last up to 30 days - 6 months

-Insurance Coverage Dictates the extent of
treatment based on medical necessity

~Medical care, mental health services and
nutritional therapy,
~Requires a team of specialists
-a primary care doctor, a therapist, a psychiatrist and
a dietician
Patients argue that insurers don’t adequately
cover all those services.
1970's Modeling
1982 Aware
of Anorexia
1996 Health Insurance
Probabilty & Accountability Act
1996 Mental Health
Parity Act
2010 Patient Protection
Affordable Care Act
2010 Reconciliation




Frequently looked at by insurance companies as a
“less severe” disorder.

Leads them to deny inpatient full treatment coverage.

Most experts agree that eating disorders are the deadliest
of all mental illnesses,
~but treatments are expensive and difficult to get.
-Deliberate self starvation w/ weight loss
-Fear of gaining weight
-Compulsive exercises
-Hair loss
-Sensitivity to cold
-“96.7% of specialists believe their
patients with anorexia nervosa
are put in life threatening
1. Virginia House
Bill 1406
2. Statistic on mortality
3. Identify clear
protocols for treatment
4. Pass the Mental
Health Equitable
Treatment Act
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