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Marshmallow Challenge

No description

Brett Harding

on 21 April 2012

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Transcript of Marshmallow Challenge

The Marshmallow Challenge Why can't I just eat the marshmallow? Build the tallest freestanding structure you can
The entire marshmallow must be on top
Use as much or as little of the materials as you wish
You may break the spaghetti, string, or tape into smaller pieces
You will have 18 minutes
Do you understand? How good are we? How tall was your structure?
How did that compare to your goal?
What was your main strategy?
What worked?
What didn't work?
What would you do next time? insert video here Goal Setting How tall do you think you can build your structure? Team Identity Name your team
Name your structure How do we work? What was the team structure?
Was there a clear leader?
How did they lead the team?
Do you think the leader had a strong contribution to the success of the team? Game Change Now what would you change?
What is the marshmallow in AIESEC?
In your LC / MC?
How does this change the way you look at what you do in AIESEC?
What is the main learning you will take home to your entity?
Leading by instructing might help you achieve your goals
Leading by doing will help you surpass them Our Goal To have as many teams as possible build a standing structure Did you offer help to other teams?
Did you ask for help from other teams?
Did you try to steal ideas?
Were you competing against other teams?
Why did you make this assumption? The Big Picture
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