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Anime presentation

For Jmg

Brittany Dixon

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Anime presentation

By Brittany Dixon Anime History Other interesting stuff about this! I'm unsure!!!!! This started around world war 2 but became famous by the 20th century. The Father of Anime is Osamu Tezuka. but due to the war they could really create any but...In 1940 Many artist and cartoonist organizations started to form. thats when they started created Anime. The Father...The creator...He is the Manga/Anime God....
As a kid he watch a lot of Walt-Disney Osamu Tezuka Well its hard to say its like saying whats the point of all hobbies ?

Well you could say its can make you money if you work hard enough What are the benefits? That Hardest part would be learning how to draw the people
Then its coming up with Ideas about what to draw and what that person should look like. Difficulties!! Manga and Anime are different! Origin: Japan!!! Which leads to....!! A MAJOR influence on animation was WALT-DISNEY How I learned about it!!! My sisters bestfriend was making and book and I looked at her an asked what is was then she told me so I looked it up on the interweb...I thought it was the coolest thing ever Where else is this done??!! JAPAN!!! Steps to learn how to do this! Coming up with ideas to of WHAT TO DRAW Putting it on the paper...It takes time :) PRACTICE!!! Don't give up Look up some examples..It helps Know this! The people have BIG EYES THEY HAVE ALMOST Triangular HEADS Most Famouse people at this Akina Toriyma Rumiko Taskashi Hayo Miyazaki Made
Dragonball Made
Inuyasha Made
Ponyo Is there money to be made in this? YES Be an cartoonist or animator First off Anime is Animated Anime has a Bigger picture but stays on the main story and is less detailed Anime Manga Manga is all hand drawn and so so detailed Manga Advances while anime makes a biggger story off the main on
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