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No description

Sarah K

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Inhalants

Inhalant Drug Street Names/Slangs! Rush
Locker room

Medical Uses! No, medical uses. The drug is a cleaning/house hold product Side Effects!
nose bleeds
kidney problems
lose sense of hearing and smell - Phychoactive Substance How is it used? The drug is sniffed or huffed from a container, plastic bag, or by holdingh a rag in the mouth By: Sarah Kuczkowski and Lindsay Landers :) The inhalant travels through the brain RANDOM FACT! most common in 12-17 year olds
Signs and Symptoms! Lack of cordination, slurred speech, smelly breath and clothes, running nose, watery eyes, and weak
Long Term Effects! Depressed
Mood swings
weight loss
lack of cordination DANGERS! you could die from heart
attacks or suffaction even used on the first time
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