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2013 Fall Flag Student Life

No description

Dianah Choi

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Fall Flag Student Life

Train, why not?

Understand The Time Table

Point 4*
Your bus fare is…(if you’re paying cash)

Check the number on your numbered ticket.

See the fare panel in front.

Your bus fare is below the number.

Point 3 *
Point 2 *
Or take
the numbered ticket
If you have a bus card,
put your bus card on the card reader.
Point 1 *

3)- Insert the money
2)-Press the Price Button
4)- Take the Otsuri ( Change )
1)- Press the Pictorial button
How to Purchase

One Year Bus Pass

Period & Venue:
Bus Card
7)Drop coin / bus ticket with
numbered ticket into the box
6) Various tickets
: 1. Kamenoi
2. Triple ticket
(Oita kotsu)

Point 5*
How to get the IC Card
(One Year bus pass)

You can buy bus pass
at a booth in Cafeteria
It will be sent to
you by MAIL!
Don’t forget to
check your
mail box

You will need to
exchange your
paper pass with
the IC Card at
a booth in Cafeteria.
Oita Kotsu Bus
Kamenoi Bus
Let's go to downtown by Bus!!
Runs on the Highway
Does not cover all the Streets in Beppu.

Uses mountain road network
Covers almost all the streets in Beppu
When you get on the bus…
Press the bell before
you reach your destination

Welcome to
If you need small change…
Use the change machine
next to driver’s seat

To pay before getting off…
B u s c a r d

April and October at APU’s cafeteria.
deposit of ¥500 with bus pass.
New card will be reissued if you lose it.
No more your photo on the card.

Check the
Time Table!!!
Shopping Place!!
Department Stores
City Hall
*Take kamenoi bus number 5 From APU

*The place for:
-National Health insurance
-Address change
-Any residence information
*Opening hours: 9:00am ~17:00 pm
*There is a corner for foreign in Beppu City hall provided in English
You can go to Oita by taking train!

I start missing home.
How can I go back?

Don't worry!
Super FLAG Man

is here to take you home!!

Let's Go Home!
Follow Me
This Way
Go Up
Top of the stairs
Here is the Bus stop
It goes to Fukuoka
Now go home
Good Bye~
Thank you for listening!
We are FLAG

Buy bus ticket at Coop
Commuter passes will be sold
according to the following schedule
(Oita Kotsu Kamenoi Bus
Kyotsu Schedules)

[Date] 9/20(Fri)
Total 8days

[Sale Hours] 10:00~16:00
[Venue] Entrance to the Cafeteria on
the 1st Floor of
the Student Union Building

You can
tickets at
the Co-op
NO Loud Noises/
Talking Out Loud
Manner on the Bus
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