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people in the civil war

No description

marissa aldavaz

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of people in the civil war

People of the Civil War Winfield Scott He served in the milatary war for 50 years and he was the commanding officer of the Union army .He had a disease called Gout. He served in many wars like the Mexican-American war ,Black Hawk War ,Second Seminole War, and the American Civil War and died when he was 79 . Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis was the president of the confederante states .Unlike Abarham Lincoln Jefferson Davis had slaves on his plantation in Mississippi before he was president. He was also professionally trained to fight in the war . Anna Elinor Jones Anna Elinor Jones was in jail during the Civil War because she was a spy for the confederate states and she was spying on the Union like for example she was spying on George Armstrong Custer and H. Judson Kilpatrick and she went to jail for pretending she was on the Union side instead of the confederent states . Rose'O Neal Rose'O Neal was a spy fpr the confederate states and she would spy on the president, ,generals,senators, and high ranking milatary officers and then would pass it on to the confederacy at the start of the war . When she got captured by the union she would still pass massages to the confederant states in unusal ways. Marissa Aldavaz
Mrs.Borom Elizabeth Van Lew She wasn't like other women spies she didn't use her beauty to get what she wanted she used her techniques to get imformation. She was asked to go visit union prisoners then she found out they were with the confederacy then the prisoners gave her imformation and then she passed it on to the confederacy Mary Elizabeth Browser Mary Elizabeth Browser was born a slave to John Van Lew and later on she worked for John Van Lew's daughter Elizabeth and after he died she let her go and bought her family .Then Mary and Elizabeth became Union spies . Belle Boyd Belle Boyd was one of the best confederacy's best spies . She would get paid to send letters to confederacy . She got caught and she was sent to prison in Washington and she died in 1900 Mary Edwards Walker Mary Edwards Walker was a spy for the Union and she was a nurse for the Battle of Bull Run. Then later then she became a docter and she was caught and was in a confederate prison and she was awarded a Congressional medal of Honor for her Civil war service . John Wilkes Booth John Wilkes Booth was mostly known for when he killed President Lincoln . Well he was also a spy for the confederacy and he also a actor but since him and a group planed to kill President Licoln Union soldiers killed him 12 days later. Sarah Emma Edmonds She was was a a Union spy and she left home in Canada because her father was trying to force her to marry someone she didn't love . She served as a nurse but she dressed as a male . kate Warne Kate Warne was a spy for the Union ,she was also a detective and not long after the civil war she got sick and died on January ,28 1868 Abarham Lincoln Abarham Lincoln was our 16th president and he was president of the Union while hefferson davis was president of the confederacy .He was also a lawyer ,and a state legislator and he was the first prisident to be assassinated and he was assassinated by John Wilkes Boothand died at the age of 56. Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant was our 18th president he fought in the Civil War and the Mexican-American War and retied from the milatary in 1854
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