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Deep Sea

No description

Rosalie Chevere

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Deep Sea

What is the soil like in the deep sea?
The soil is where all the plants grow and is made of 50% fish fines and 50% forest fines. There are three different types of soil in the ocean floor. The three types of soils are pelagic sediments or marine sediments. They include calcareous ooze,red clay and siliceous ooze.
What is the average yearly temperature in the deep sea?
About 90 degrees of the volume in the ocean is found under the thermocline in the deep sea .Ocean water in colder climates reach an average of one degrees in the surface. Ocean water in warmer climates reaches 62.2 degrees.
What is the average yearly precipitation in the deep sea?
about 41.1
How do plants and animals adapt to living in the deep sea?
Fish adapt to their environment because they camouflage to their habitats. Plants adapt to their environment because they need everything surrounding them to survive, for example the sun.
What is the most common type of vegetation in the deep sea?
what types of animals can be found in the deep sea?
Animals that can be found in the deep sea are dolphins, all sorts of fish, zooplankton , small squids, whales, sharks, and pelicans.
The deep Sea
The most common vegetation in the deep sea is coral and seaweed. Also if you where scuba diving you would most likely see a coral reef.
On average, how much annual sunlight does the deep sea get?
The ocean in total gets 250 degrees fahrenheit total. The top of the ocean gets the sunlight than the deep sea.
-google images

By: Rose,Gisselle,Juliann, and Leslie
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