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Journal #1

No description

Georg Crump

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Journal #1

Elements of a
This armor falls under the craft arts as a utilitarian subject. Initially it was created for a practical purpose and served a necessary function but art historians now classify is as art. (Kleiner, F. 2014). The piece is called Elements of a Light-Cavalry Armor and dates back to 1510. It is an Italian designed armor decorated with fluted surfaces in the German fashion. (metmusem.org) Elements of a Light-Cavalry is steel, etched and gilt, [Dimensions: Wt. 19 lb. 13 oz]. (metmusem.org) I noticed the use of gold leaf and steel in contrast and the two metals complement each other well. There is ornate decorative line scribed or etched on to the gold parts of armor. The inscription on the breast plate is in Latin and reads, CHRISTVS RES VENIT IN PACE ET DEVS HOMO FACTVS ES (Christ the King came in peace and God was made man). (metmusem.org). I imagine the knight wearing this armor into battle does so with God’s word to protect him. The gold leaf has faded over time but I imagine it would have had a brilliant shine when the armor was originally made. Leather straps on the shoulders and around the waist hold the front and back breast plate together. There appears to be not protection under the arms and at the bend of the elbows. These void areas of the armor allow for movement and functionality in battle.
Italian armor decorated with fluted surfaces in the German fashion

Unknown ca. 1510, Elements of a Light-Cavalry, [Dimensions: Wt. 19 lb. 13 oz]. Retrieved from:
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