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amanda de leon

on 20 August 2013

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Six Core Managerial Competencies
What It Takes to Be a Great Manager
Communication Competency
Planning and Administration Competency
What Is an Organization?
An organization is a formal and coordinated group of people who function to
achieve particular goals.

Every organization has a structure and strives to achieve goals that individuals
acting alone could not reach.

what Is a Manager?
A manager is a person who plans, organizes, leads, and controls the allocation of
human, material, financial, and information resources in pursuit of the
organization’s goals.

what Is Managing?
The tasks that managers do.
These tasks include planning, organizing, leading and controlling the work of an organization.
Managing refers to making decisions to guide the organization through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
What are the Types of Managers?
Supervise employees having expertise in one area, such as accounting, human resources, sales, finance, marketing, or production.
What are the Basic Mangerial Functions?
1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Leading
4. Controlling
What Are the Basic Levels of Management
1. First-Line Managers: are directly responsible for the production of goods or services.
2. Middle Managers: Are responsible for setting objectives that are consistent with top management’s goals and translating them into specific goals and plans for first-line managers to implement.
3. Top Managers. The overall direction of an organization is the responsibility of top managers.

Teamwork Competency
Is accomplishing tasks through small groups of people who are collectively responsible and whose job requires coordination.
Managers in organizations that utilize teams can become more effective by:
-designing teams properly
-creating a supportive team environment
-managing team dynamics appropriately

Strategy Action Competency
Is understanding the overall mission and values of the organization and ensuring that employees’ actions match with them.
The strategic action competency includes
-understanding the industry
-understanding the organization
-taking strategic actions

Multicultural Competency
Refers to understanding, appreciating, and responding to diverse political, cultural, and economic issues across and within nations.
self-Managerial Competency
Refers to developing yourself and taking responsibility for your life at work and beyond
Are responsible for the operations of more complex units. For example, a company or a division.
Sets of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that a person needs to be
effective in a wide range of positions and various types of organizations
What Are Managerial Competencies?
The communication, planning and administration, teamwork, strategic action, multicultural, and self competencies.
Managerial competencies are sets of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that a manager needs in order to be effective in a wide range of managerial jobs and various organizational settings
Communication competency is your ability to effectively transfer and exchange information that leads to understanding between yourself and others. Because managing involves getting work done through other people, communication competency is essential to effective managerial performance.
-deciding what tasks need to be done,
-determining how they can be done
-allocate resources to enable them to be done
-monitoring progress to ensure that they are done

Multicultural competency is reflected in:
o cultural knowledge and understanding, and
o cultural openness and sensitivity

• Business is becoming global
• Openness and sensitivity
• Things that will help to do businesses abroad
• L’Oréal Goes to China
The self-management competency includes
o integrity and ethical conduct,
o personal drive and resilience,
o balancing work and life issues, and
o self-awareness and development

• Employee’s characteristics
o show integrity and act ethically
o Personal drive and resilience are especially important when someone sets out to do something no one else has done and when that person faces setbacks and failures
o Balance work and life issues

Exploring Your Managerial Competencies
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