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Fancom (English)

No description

Fancom BV

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Fancom (English)

Aiming for Test 1 The world populati n is animal proteins Large demand for growing and prosperity increases. To feed the hungry world, intensification of livestock is essential, but in a sustainable manner with attention to animal welfare In 2040 the world population is estimated at 9 billion people Fancom's challenge is Farm Complete Climate Feeding Biometrics Management software And what if different requirements are set in the future? Then we will identify them and react to them. reliable leading authority lifetime customer value to be a
to be a
to offer a Integrated using our Maintain Maintain and
our market share in
developed countries Develop
partnerships with
major customers Pursue world class customer increase long-term satisfaction Forward thinking We call this new markets technological
leadership To achieve our mission
we need to Fancom's mission is Develop The history
of Fancom 1977 Founder of climate control in livestock 1985 Subsidiary
in Vitré, France 1986 New premises
More than 100 employees 1997 Part of CTB Inc. Fancom Systems Complete
Systems Easy to use Adapted to local
conditions iFarmers are ready for the future www.fancom.com Control Using modern
technology automatic and continuous of in the house monitoring animal based measurements using techniques Precision Livestock Farming Berkshire Hathaway Fancom Sales Animal Welfare Food Safety Reducing Emissions Human Health Innovation Business
profitability About Fancom partner
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