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American Horror Story

No description

alicia gonzlaez

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of American Horror Story

American Horror Story
Tate Langdon

Karen Horney's Psychoanalytic Approach
: parental indifference of warmth and affection leads children to develop anxiety and neuroticism
falls in love with Violet Harmon
born in 1977
Tate Langdon
one of the main characters in season 1
a patient of Ben Harmon
in a relationship with Violet Harmon
ghost living in the murder house
audience doesn't find out until later in the season
raped Vivian Harmon as the Rubber Man
Hierarchy of Needs
Level of fixation:
The Psychoanalytic approach best explains the formation of Tate's character
The Big 5
American Horror Story
horror tv series , in which every season there is a completely different story than the one before.

In essence none of the seasons tie together.
Season 1
Murder House
Harmon family move into a new house
house has a dark history
brutal murders have occurred there and demonic presences
Ben Harmon
psychiatrist ; practice in home
husband of Vivien Harmon
father of Violet Harmon
has affair with student Hayden McClaine; impregnates her
moves family to try and start fresh
killed by Hayden in the house
Vivien Harmon
miscarried her son at seven months but carried him for another two and delivered him stillborn
after finds husband cheating in their bed
raped by "Rubber Man"
dies in the house during birth to the twins
Violet Harmon
oldest at 15 years
suffers from clinical depression
has no respect for father since his affair
described as fearless
overdoses on drugs leading to her death
was in a relationsp with her fathers patient Tate Langdon
Constance Langdon
Constance and Hugo Langdon
Adelaide, Beauregard, and an unknown
Mother Figure
Nora Montgomery, a ghost who was one of the first of many to die in the house
1994- set fire to his mother's boyfriend, Larry Harvey. After finding out Larry murdered his brother Beauregard
Then afterward committed a mass shooting at Westfield High School, killing 15 students
Shortly upon arriving home from the shooting, he was killed by the SWAT team
Resides in house from then till present day
Meets her after one of his appointments with Ben, where he finds her cutting her wrists.
He goes from telling her how to properly kill herself to trying to save her from her suicide act.
Later in the season the audience finds out that Violet died when she tried to kill herself.
Tate tells her that she died loved, he was holding her when she passed away.
Considers her the only light he has ever known
When Tate was growing up his mother was very cold
he even admits that he hates her
verbally abusive during drunken rages
His mother shot his father while catching him "cheating" with the maid
never grew up with a fatherly figure
Tate provides a strong neurotic trait. He himself is emotionally unstable, impulsive, and obsessive.
Neurotic Type
Compliant- need to please others and be liked by them, the need to a partner
he is most like this when he is with Violet,
he must always make sure to be the person who she wants him to be
always wants to please the women of the house (known as the reason he raped Violet's mother, to give Nora Montgomery the baby she always wanted)
Aggressive-need for control, fear of being used, need to exploit others, manipulative
he plays out his more aggressive feelings as the Rubber man
drowns Chad Warwick
beats Chad's partner Patrick to death
Tate is always seeming to be on edge as though if you say one thing wrong he will snap
everything he has ever done was to be loved or cared for by someone else
since his mother never showed affection, he is always looking for it in other people
when he raped Vivian Harmon, he did it to please Nora Montgomery. He thought that if hse got the baby she had always wanted she would love him even more
even when he was with Violate, he told her that if she wanted him to go away he would because he cared about her feelings more than his
all three theories can in some way explain the development of his personality
the Hierarchy of Needs doesn't apply to him because it is supposed to explain the healthy people, and Tate is t in that category since he is a psychopath
next door neighbor of the Harmons
born and raised in Virginia
moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming an actress
1993- killed both her husband, Hugo and Moira O'Hara, when she caught them about to have sex
but later it is known that her husband was about to rape Moira
puts on a front of being goodhearted but in reality she is cunning and manipulative
Adelaide Langdon
daughter of Constance
born with down syndrome
always dreamed of being a "pretty girl"
playful and desperately wants to fit in
raised to believe that she is an ugly monster
finds friends within the ghost of the murder house
was killed on Halloween by a hit-and-run accident
Larry Harvey
Moira O'Hara
any person that dies there remains as a ghost living there for eternity
housekeeper for the Harmon's and many of the other families that have come to live in the Murder House
to women she is an elderly women with one blind eye
but to men she appears as a young beautiful with a short shirt and stockings
desperately wants to leave the house but can't because her body is buried deep in the ground of the backyard
thinks of men as liars and cheaters since that is how she died
was shot in the eye by Constance while almost being raped by Hugo
previous owner of the Murder House
has third degree burns on his face and left side of his body
was sent to psychiatric ward for being accused of setting fire to his wife and two kids
fell in love with Constance
killed Beaudregaurd in request by Constance
constantly tries to get Ben Harmon out of the house knowing that his family will come apart if they stay there
he doesn't do well in certain situations and will go into an angry tirade that may end up being the death of another person
when he was having his therapy sessions he always talk about murdering his classmates or killing people
Tate has terrible impulse control
there are many times through out the series you se his character act out on quick feelings, never fully thinking things through
in the end that is how he ends up losing the one thing that has ever mattered to him, Violet
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