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National History Day

No description

Olivia Lewis

on 10 October 2018

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Transcript of National History Day

5 Categories
Essay (6-10 pages double spaced)
Performance (10 minutes max)
Documentary (10 minutes max)
Website (made through weebly.nhd)
Purpose of NHD
You will be working on this project until January.
Project Based Research
You pick the topic!
You pick what type of project you want to do!
You will learn how to do research, write a process paper, an annotated bibliography & cite sources!
A good exhibit is:
-Informative (stand alone)
-Visually Stimulating
-Creative/Unique Design
-Less than 500 words

No wider than 40 inches
No deeper than 30 inches
No taller than 6 feet

Need to know:
-Most competition
-Takes most time
-If a group, can you get together to work on it?
-No longer than 10 minutes
-5 minutes to set up props
-5 minutes to take down props
-Informative script

Need to know:
-Less competition
-You write the script!
-You MUST memorize the script!
-You supply the costume & props

6 – 10 pages double spaced
1,500 to 2,500 word limit
-Includes citations, footnotes, and bibliography
-1 inch margins

Need to know:
-ONLY individuals, no groups!
-Less competition
-No longer than 10 minutes
-Informative narration
-Soft music in background
-Must have credits
-Completely Student made

Need to know:
Less competitive category
-Under 1,200 words
-Only 100MB of file space
-45 seconds for all multimedia clips
-Include Bibliography

Need to know:
-Good for groups who cannot get together after school
-Will require working on a computer with internet outside of school
Where to start?
Connect to theme (conflict and compromise)
Primary sources
Secondary sources
Annotate bibliography
Process Paper
Present Project!!!
National History Day
Conflict and Compromise
*You can do it in small groups or individually. If you decide to do a group it can only be up to 3 people and they have to be in your class period.
You will be competing with every student in 7th and 8th grade!
School Fair Competition (Jan-Feb)
District Competition (March)
State Competition (April)
World Competition (June)
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