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Peer Coaching

No description

Jenny Pan

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Peer Coaching

THE BIG QUESTION: What is Peer Coaching?

Who do we help?
Grade 9 Students

Student body


Target client groups
Peer Coaching Programs


Newcomers Orientations

Walk It Off

Thursday Thought of the day

Peer Coaching Events

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week

Grade 8 Orientation Day

Leadership Seminar

Exam Jam

Peer Coaching Services

Training & Development

First Steps Training

Cedar Glen Overnight Training Camp

Training sessions continue throughout the year

Guest speakers

Benefit to Schools

Extension of Guidance Program & Service
More at-risk students receive attention
Report concerns and identify student needs
More approachable/accessible source of help
Available, trained group of individuals
Impact school climate

Peer Coaching
Our Journey in Caring, Guiding, and Leading
Extraordinary people
Benefit to Peer Coaches
Chance to help peers and make a positive impact in the school
Gain leadership experience
Enjoy enriched high school experience
Transferable skills
Two-part application process

Qualities we look for:
Dependable and Responsible
Good communication skills
Potential Leaders (variety of leader-types)
Academically Responsible
Good grades (indication of ability to train)

Peer Coach Selection

“Leaders of Leaders”
Coaches nominate, then staff appoint
Display outstanding dedication and excellent skill development as Coaches
leadership potential

PCLC Selection

PCLC Roles

Director of Training and Development
Director of Resource Coordination
Director of Marketing and Communications

How can this be implemented into your school?

Recipe for Success:
Dedicated, knowledgeable staff mentors (counselling methods)
30-40 capable senior students
Support of other staff: dedicated “office” for one-on-one client meetings, client referrals, financial support, flexibility and support for program delivery
Initial First Steps Training in spring, then Training Camp retreat in fall
Weekly training, support, prep for programs at Coach meetings
Various systems to identify clients (from feeder school through high school)
Develop programs to meet needs of school
Adaptability → organize the program in a way that it works best with focus on our major goals

Our Journey to New Beginnings
Olivia Ghosh → University of Western Ontario

Directors of Marketing and Communication
Risham Najeeb → Schulich School of Business
Nisha Khanmaini → Queen's University

Director of Resources and Coordination
Jenny Pan → McGill University

Director of Training and Development
Abarna Nathan → McMaster University

1. Create a positive, safe, welcoming school environment
4. Provide at-risk-students with peer support
3. Equip students with skills for success
2. Help newcomers transition smoothly
School Climate moderation

Bi-weekly Client Meetings

Extraordinary expectations
Extraordinary opportunities
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