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How does the negativity of anxiety affect your life?

Cynthia Saenz

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Anxiety

Anxiety in your life How does anxiety affect your life? (Physically and Mentally) Anxiety is an excessive worrying, triggered by negative thoughts and leads to intense stress. General Anxiety Disorder

Most common disorder
Excessive worry for 6 months, everyday.
6.8 million adults are affected in any yr.
Women are twice as likely to be affected.
Begins between childhood and middle age.

Muscle tension, fatigue, restlessness, irritability, difficult sleeping.

Identify and understand what triggers it. Modify thinking. Do yoga, exercise, meditation, and relaxation techniques.

Abraham Lincoln
Anxiety Disorders:
Barbara Bush -former first lady
Naomi Campbell -model
Roseanne Bar -comedian
John Steinbeck -author
Oprah Winfrey -host
Lucille Ball -comedian
Sir Issac Newton -scientist
Michael Jackson -singer Obsessive Complusion Disorder

Suffer from unwanted thoughts (obsession) & have to repeat "routines" (complusions). Are usually irrational, and affects both kids and adults.


worry about germs, dirt
need arrangement, order
cleaning all the time
checking, touching specicfic things
ex: a watch -time

Behavior therapy, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication

Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

Spontaneous panic attacks out of nothing. (Even when sleeping)
Begins in early adulthood
Three times more common in women then men.


Sweating, trembling, chills, heat flush, chest pain, a feeling of choking, a fear of dying or just losing control.


Therapy and medication; may take months or even over a year. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Happens when a person has experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious car accident, war, sudden death of loved one, or rape.
7.7 million Americans age 18 and older suffer from it.
Women are twice as likely then men.
Children can develop it too.


Flashbacks, nightmares, being emotional mub, or easily angered/irriatted.


Talk therapy, exposure therapy, virtual reality treatment, and cognitive restructing.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Extreme fear of being judged by others.
Usually starts off at age 13
15 million Americans suffer from it.
36% of the people report having symptoms for over 10 years.


Do not like conversating with a stranger, dating, going to parties. If they do so they feel nausea, sweaty, trembling, blushing, dizzness, and rapid heartbeat.


Professional care; depends all on the person. Everday Anxiety VS. Anxiety Disorder

worry about payings bills,
or a romatic break up.
realistic fear of a dangerous object.
making sure you are healthy.

constant worry that causes too much stress.
irrational fear or avoidance of an object.
performing uncontrollable actions. A very shy, and scretive man, constantly having failures which all lead to him suffering from anxiety disorders. Through out all the hard times he had, he went beyond his goal and reached a higher level becoming the 16th president. Anybody who suffers from anxiety should really look up to him if he made it with out no medications or therapy and came to the top, anybody else can push themsleves to succedd in overcoming anxiety and becoming a great person.
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