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Copy of TATA motors

Brand analysis

My Destiny

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of TATA motors

INDIA Customers Company Products Competitors History Brand
Identity Recent developments Form analysis Form strategy Form huerarchy Timeline Passenger cars vs. concept cars Tata Motors September sales at 64,668 nos.
Today, it is the largest company in India.
Internationally, it is the 4th largest truck manufacturer and the 2nd largest bus manufacturer of the world. It is also the first company to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange from the engineering industry in India. Brand
Analysis New cars Expansion Economy Deluxe version of Nano 2012
Venture (Ace platform) august 2010
New Indigo e-CS Second Jaguar Land Rover dealership set to open in New Delhi
Truck plant in Myanmar 1000-5000 vehicles a year
Assembly Jaguar Land Rover in China Nano bestselling car by 2011
Tata hikes car prices, Nano its price up by 3-4%
More Jaguar Engines needed from Ford Familiarity Meaning Perception Platform & segment Volumes & package Form language Detail design Color & trim E R M Design
Manufacturing facilities and technology
Joint Ventures esources ission nvironment Value chain - Distribution channels
- Touch points Macro environment - Tata Motors is equally focused on environment-friendly technologies in emissions and alternative fuels.

- It has developed electric and hybrid vehicles both for personal and public transportation.

- It has also been implementing several environment-friendly technologies in manufacturing processes, significantly enhancing resource conservation.

- Tata Motors concern is manifested by a dual approach:
1. Reduction of environmental pollution and regular pollution control drives
2. Restoration of ecological balance. Customers
Product portfolio Drivers and values TATA motors is engaged in engineering and automotive solutions, construction equipment manufacturing, automotive vehicle components manufacturing and supply chain activities, machine tools and factory automation solutions, high-precision tooling and plastic and electronic components for automotive and computer applications, and automotive retailing and service operations. Vision “To be the best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and ethics.” Value proposition: Comfort and safety
Low price
Lower pollution
Maximum performance > high fuel efficiency
Affordable transportation [etching a refulgent future] Future
Strategy Mariana Suárez Carmona | Jelle Tjebbes | Pinpin Ye The TATA nano: The lean design strategy has helped minimize weight, which helps maximize performance per unit of energy consumed and delivers high fuel efficiency. Committed to improving the quality of life of communities:
Social responsability Skilled professionals: young and experiences
Work practice:
. - in-house training
. - mentoring
. - documentation of learning
Knowledge / Facilities:
. - 15 years CAD platform
. - 16 Silicon Graphics workstations
. - Specialized software presence in 19 countries arround the world 3,500 (dealers, sales, service, spare parts network, infibeam.com) World-class manufacturing units with state-of-the-art technology:
1. Jamshedpur (1945)
2. Pune (1966)
3. Lucknow (1992)
4. Uttarakhand (2007)
5. Sanand (2008, Nano)
Production stages: product evolution-design, development, manufacturing, assembly and quality control Power Distance Index (PDI) Individualism (IND) Masculinity (MAS) Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) Long-Term Orientation (LTO) 77 48 56 40 61 FIAT [Manufacturing, engine sharing]
Production & sales of Fiat in India
Continuing discussions for cooperations in Latin America.

Marcopolo [Manufacture of buses]
Brazil (largest bus body builders)- for India as well as overseas markets.

PSA [Manufacturing]
Peugeot Citroen

Ford Engines [Jaguar Owned + technology sharing]
Sharing engines for Jaguar

Land Rover [Owned + offroad technology sharing]

Daewoo [Commercial vehicles Owned + technology sharing]

Hispano Motors [Owned + technology]
License: technology and brand rights.
Bus and coach manufacturer (Spain)
high quality vehicles.
The product designed by Pininfarina has won Bus of the Year awards in their markets.

Pininfarina [Design]

Cummins [Diesel engines, commercial vehicles and trucks]

TML Distribution Company Limited (TDCL)
100% subsidiary
Distribution, logistic and sale of commercial and passenger vehicles. Joint ventures Platform sharing

Indica Vista shares platform with Indigo Manza (j300-platform). They both have Fiat motors

Aria (Xover-platform) Xover is a concept car
Indica Vista Manza Indigo Nano Safari Sumo
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