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Curator Confab


Shawn Lani

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Curator Confab

Exploring enables one to divert attention from preconceived paths to pursue some intriguing lead: a fragrance, a sight or smell, an interesting street or cave, an open meadow encountered suddenly in the woods or a patch of flowers that leads one off the trail, or even a hole in the ground! Often it is precisely as a result of aimless exploration that one does become intensely directed and preoccupied.
"(The Exploratorium) is a place for sightseeing, a woods of natural phenomena through which to wander."
Learning how to engage a site
a way of seeing the world
creating a sense of place
Our criteria for success will be based on long-term thinking; our outdoor spaces and programs will create an enduring and evolving sense of place and of self.
Where does the museum begin and end?
How do we engage the broadest, possible audience?
How do we say good night and good morning to the City
every day?
How do we measure our success?
2 Central Dock
Outdoor exhibit area and floating dock (paid)

Questioning, probing, and engaging directly with the environment, experimenting with phenomenon that pertains to their immediate surroundings but draws inferences to broader contexts and ideas. Joyful, active, smart.

Actively extend the museum floor as a field research endeavor, investigate the immediate environment, use architecture as instrument and encourage thoughtful observations develope noticin skills.
1: The Exploradero (entry plaza)
2: Central Dock (interior paid)
3: Rooftop Observatory (shared curatorial zone)
4: Gangway (interior unpaid)
5: Bay View Walk (unpaid external walkways)
1 Exploradero
Entry Plaza

Defining Traits:
Enticing, welcoming, mysterious and unfolding, the Exploradero should never fully resolve as an experience.
Primary Drivers: Emphasize place as a lively, civic plaza, a celebration of Exploratorium’s engagement with S.F., cover all pragmatic operational considerations, and be joyful.
central dock
rooftop observatory
bay view walk
To visualize sense of place is to understand the relationships between landscape, open space, built forms and people. how do people behave in a particular place? What are the patterns of human and natural activity? How can a place enhance experiences and memories? What makes this place like no other?
* either of the sides of the upper deck of a ship b : the opening by which a ship is boarded


Enhanced and augmented views, enticing people into new ways of seeing and knowing a place. Observe both the natural environment and the Urban environment.


Extend both our view and our understanding of the world. This is a prime location for instrumentation, public programs, and sited exhibits.

A public promenade that encourages observation and conversation with the museum; a soft counter-point to the active/frenetic museum docks.


A public promenade, the Gangway will have a front row seat to the theater of the museum. Unpaid guests will be invited to interact with museum visitors or explore strategically placed exhibits and programs.
Outdoor exhibit area and floating dock (paid)

A vista view, a quiet noticing area where people will be encouraged to slow down and take notice

Create programs and exhibits that take the visitor’s flow into account. Encourage noticing and observing skills.
whatever Susan says
Creating program opportunities through in-depth investigations
outdoor planning
far ranging exhibits
augmented views
historical archeology
study of urban structures
central docks will be the hub of activity, programs, and exhibits
exhibits will probe their surroundings and respond directly to outdoor phenomenon
being outdoors allows us to contextualize exhibits in new ways, directly linking behaviors and consequences
these investigations extend to both the built and the natural environment
thermal imaging
exhibit strategies
create new instruments for intriguing questions
site investigations
imbedded installations
broaden the scope of our exhibit context
program strategies
pick the right partners
huge range of audience and opportunity
history of civil engineering
is it less interesting if we made it?
collaborative partnering with the Green House Gallery
Use of tactical media creates augmented views of systems
Nuage Vert, Helsinki, responds to both the power plants heat plums and actual power usage in and around the City.
CeNCOOS: Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System
site maps
Pete's Work
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