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on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Valve

What is "Valve"?
Origins and Birth
Steam and Competition
Steam comes out of the Valves
A Corporation is Made
Valve is a software and video game developing company located in Bellevue, Washington. "The most conservative estimates put Valve’s enterprise value at more than $3 billion" (Ewalt 1). Valve is currently owned by Gabe Newell a co-founder and director of Valve. Steam the popular game distribution system is also run and owned by Valve. The company has also released many massively popular games.
Valve LLC was founded by Gabe Newell and Mark Harrington in August of 1996
They soon started on the game Half Life. It launched in 1998 as a massive success. Putting Valve effectively on the map.

For 6 years Valve did nothing in terms of game development. Though it did hire makers of the popular Quake mod Team Fortress. To make a sequel that would become massively popular, always in the top 5 in terms of most played games on steam.
Steam - is created as a tool to patch games such as Counter Strike.
Steam soon becomes more than a patching tool. It becomes an entire digital game distribution system for PCs. Allowing players to buy games over digital markets. Currently Steam is an extremely popular PC gaming software. Over half of Valve’s revenue comes from its video game distribution outlet Steam.
Steam did however stick to its original purpose of
patching and updating. Steam often does updates
to games that allow for constant changes and
content updates. Along with constant sales. So
many that it led to a site like this http://gaben.tv/

Harrington leaves the company and in 2003 Valve becomes Valve Corporation. Leaving Gabe Newell in charge of the company.
By Edward Park
History and Story of Valve
Valve has more than 70% of control of the PC gaming market. Using Steam.
EA has recently created Origin to run their games on.
Compared to Steam which has a revenue of 1.44 billion, 800 million in sales (2011),
40 million users, and 1,800 games.
Origin has a revenue of 3.87 million, 100 million in sales, 9.3 million users, and a mere 100 games.

The Source Engine
Valve releases its new game engine that replaces the Goldsrc. Called the Source Engine. Allowing renewed lighting and gravity. Though not as powerful as other engines it is available to public use. Allowing for easier modding.
All of Valve's current games run on the Source engine. Allowing it to become an all purpose base for Valve's games. Every single game from Half Life 2 to Dota 2 use it. It also sets a near standard for graphics becoming the basis for graphics, and no longer having blocky looking characters by using "phong" shading.
The Orange Box
Valve releases the Orange Box. Containing Half Life 2, Half Life 2 episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. Making it a bundle that contained many highly anticipated games, jacking up the sales. Though later Team Fortress 2 would begin to follow a free to play business model.
Allowing for a plague of hats..
(long story to be explained soon).

Sequel after Sequel
Left for Dead comes out but not very well. Its successor Left for Dead 2 however becomes an extremely popular zombie survival game. Fixing many complaints and giving a more fresh feeling into the game. Instead of being a generic zombie shooter. Portal 2 was also released soon after. Receiving massive approval from the fan base of the original Portal.
Emergence of Dota 2
A beta of Dota 2 is released. Then soon finished. Making a massive fan base and a MMO played across the globe. One of Valve's games that become massively popular globally. Specifically in Asian countries such as South Korea, China, and Japan.

SteamOS/Steam Machine
The Steam Machine is beginning to be created. Valve’s own “console”. Running on a variant of Linux called SteamOS. Paired with its own very different controller. To be centered all around Steam and already has a variety of manufacturers. The makers of first generation Steam Machines are:
Alienware, Alternate, CyberPowerPC, Digital Storm, Falcon NW, GigaByte, iBuyPower, Maingear, Materiel.net, Next Spa, Origin PC, Scan, Webhallen, and Zotac.

Gabe Newell
Original Team Fortress Mod
Valve and Content Makers 1
"Valve has paid out 10.2 million dollars to the content creators of the Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 community.
Valve has also paid out 400K dollars to the same and new creators in the 1st week of January of 2013" (Grubb 1).
'484,768 compendiums were sold during The Dota 2 International, which added an additional $1.2M to the prize pool.More than 90 percent of Team Fortress 2 content is from the community.
Valve reports that 17 million Team Fortress 2 accounts own items, with 500 million total items" (Maiberg 1).
Valve and Content Makers 2
More than 90 percent of Team Fortress 2 content is from the community.
Valve reports that 17 million Team Fortress 2 accounts own items, with 500 million total items.
The Counter Strike: Global Offensive community has created 4700 maps and 20,000 weapon skins.
Portal 2 has over 381,000 user generated maps, which Valve attributes to the easy to use map editor.
Garry’s Mod has a total of 250,000 user generated items.
Skyrim has over 19,500 pieces of user generated content” (Mailberg 1).

Valve and Content Makers 3
Recently Valve has introduced the Source Film Maker an animation tool that has all characters from all Valve's games. So you can animate them and make videos easier, leading to a wave of SFM youtube videos. Along with Valve's own Oscars, which is basically a contest for who can make the best SFM video. It is called the Saxxys. Where you can submit content and maybe win. Most of them are videos with the characters of Valve's game Team Fortress 2.
Recent Winners
Warning - Contains mild gore and violence
Valve Games - Half Life
Half Life was one of the 1st games Valve ever published. Released in November 1998. It was one of the highest selling games in Valve's history. In 2004 the next installment of the Half Life series was released. A worthy successor to the Half Life name. Due to its large success
Half Life 2 - Episode 1 was released,
along with Half Life 2 - Episode 2.
Basically expansions to the game.
Other SFM Animations
Warning - Contains mild gore and violence
Half Life Storyline
Half Life focuses on the story of Gordon Freeman a scientist at Black Mesa a company working with portal technology. When an experiment goes wrong a portal opens into another world allowing for a horde of aliens to inhabit the facility. Though in the end in order to prevent them from getting into the world. They resort to nuke the area. Though it doesn't work, in the 2nd game a new race comes to invade called the Combine. Taking over the globe, and fighting off a human resistance that Gordon soon joins.
Dota 2
Dota 2 is currently the most played Steam game. Due to its international
popularity. Dota 2 is the sequal to the mod DotA. Meaning defense of the ancients. A widely game Dota 2 focuses on 5 players destroying the other team's ancients. Though instead of taking them down randomly you have to do it in a certain order. All while defending your own and fending off the other "heros" which are diffrent characters with different abilities. Also recently there was the largest video game tournament with a prize of 1.6 million dollars for the team of Dota 2 players who won. To go along with the tournament Valve created a full length documentary called Free to Play. (Available on Steam, Itunes, and Youtube.)

Day of Defeat
Day of Defeat was a mod for the game Half Life that was picked up by Valve to become a full game to demo the new capabilities of the Source Engine. Day of Defeat focuses on multi player gameplay where either each team (Axis or Allies) must work together as a team or face defeat. Set in WWII it featured many realistic items.
Counter-Strike Series
Counter Strike is a game by Valve utilizing teams of Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. With a varying amount of objectives the game is extremely fun. Inside the game you can win MVP (shows at the end of every round) by either completing the objectives (such as diffusing a bomb, moving the hostage, and etc.) or getting the most kills. The most recent game is Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and is still one of the most popular games on Steam in terms of most players per day.

Portal was created from a mod called Narbacular Drop where it used a mechanic similar to that in the actual game. In Portal and Portal 2 you utilize a device called the Portal gun. The gun shoots portals (duh), into certain surfaces then you must use these portals to solve puzzles that utilize physics, buttons, and timed movements. You can also use portals to transport certain materials such as cubes, gels, turrets, and yourself to complete each test chamber.
Portal Story/Plot
The 1st game takes place in Aperture Science, a scientific research faculty creating a portal gun that can create portals in certain surfaces. You are a test subject who must go through a series of tests in order to check the functionality of the Portal device. A computer named GLadOs who guides you through the chambers. Though after you finish all the testing GLadOs trys to kill you by dropping you into a pit of fire... Through a hole in one of the walls you escape into the maintenance areas. Where you find out that GLadOs has killed all the scientists. During Bring Your Daughter to Work Day she flooded the whole building with a deadly neurotoxin killing everyone. So you devote your life to killing her, and succeed in deactivating her. Then are put back into a hibernation.

Portal 2 Story and Plot
Portal 2 is where you finally wake up from hibernation and remember that your still stuck in Aperture. So you team up with a robot named Wheatly to help you escape. But in your hurry to you accidentally reactivate GLadOs. Then you have to not only deactivate her, but live. Soon after getting back to her chamber you switch GLadOs out with Wheatly who now controls the whole building. Though Wheatly goes mad with power and with you trying to escape through an elevator it breaks and you fall back into the past Aperture areas from the 1950s. In this you meet the now dead CEO Cave Johnson who has a few funny quotes.
Portal 2 Continued
Soon after escaping from the older parts of the building you work your way back up to present day Aperture where Wheatly has pretty much messed everything up... So its your job to kill him and replace GLadOs back into control. (Who is now a potato... long story.) Portal 2 also introduced much more humor
then the 1st. Becoming less serious and enjoyable
Portal 2 also comes with a Co-op mode where you
take control of 2 robots called Atlas and P-Body
where you have to work together to finish puzzles.
Portal 2 has led to a massive fan base.

Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to the original game Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead contains a variant of zombies, though unlike other zombie games like COD. Left 4 Dead uses a system to make every zombie look different then another. By using dirt and blood maps the Source engine can place wounds in different areas on the model. Then it can change the geometry of the model by creating indents, rises, and depressions. Then lastly it can simply change the clothes.
Left 4 Dead 2 Cont.
Inside the game there are different characters for each
different solo/multiplayer campaign. Each one with a
different voice actor that has some previous experience
with acting in that role. Resulting in over 4,800 unique
lines of dialogue. Though another funny thing is
that the weapons vary from shotguns, Army rifles, and
frying pans. Mostly frying pans though.

Now for Possibly the Best GAME EVER RELEASED
Team Fortress 2! (aka TF2)
Introduction to TF2
Team Fortress 2 is a FPS that has class-based game play. The 9 classes are the scout, solider, pyro, heavy, engineer, demo, medic, sniper and spy. Unlike other games each class is extremely balanced. Such as the scout, medic, sniper, and spy being fragile to the point there are one hit kills. Other classes have projectiles to fire like the
soldier and demo. While others are generally
easier to use such as the heavy and pyro.
With the engie only being able to hold terrain
utilizing sentries. Creating an extremely
balanced gameplay.

TF2 cont.
One of the major things that make TF2 so immersive is that each class has a distinct personality. Shown in the "Meet The" trailers. In the game there are an army of different maps and gamemodes. Like payload where you push a bomb into a hole. It sounds more fun than it seems. CTF is where you try and capture the other teams flag. In the game there are 2 teams. Red and Blu, and usually on most maps Red is defending while Blu is attacking. Other gamemodes include Doomsday, Control Points, Attack and Defend,
King of the Hill, Halloween, and Arena. Each mode with its own little army of maps.
Meet The Medic (One of 9 Videos)
TF2 and Trading
Team Fortress 2 has an array of cosmetics like hats and weapons. None of these actually affect the gameplay it is mostly just for show. Entire websites have been centered around the buying and selling of TF2 items. Another major part of the TF2 trading market are unusuals. Hat that have an array of effects like bubbles or fire on them. These however are extremely rare. These can be traded for actual money through PayPal. In the game the community has decided on certain items used as currency. They are metal, keys (used to open crates with a chance to get an unusual), and buds. There are 3 scrap to a rec, 3 rec to a ref. 8 ref to a key. And 18-19 keys to a bud. Then unusuals are worth a varying amount of buds.
http://backpack.tf/ http://www.tf2outpost.com/ http://scrap.tf/
TF2 and Trading Cont.
Valve has introduced a Free to Play structure allowing the game to be free to anyone. But the main way they get hats is to buy them. Giving Valve more money then before. Hats are actually a major part of the game. Also recently Valve has introduced Australium weapons. Including a pan. Pans are more of an inside joke in the game. Though someone has paid +5000 dollars for one. Buying it of an owner. But there are very few of them in the game. Hat trading is mostly just an inside joke in the game
however. Also there has been a recent introduction of
the killstreak items that display "player is on a
killing spree" every 5 kills with different messages
each 5 kills.
TF2 stresses a lot on player responsibility. Almost to the point where one person can mess everything up. Team Fortress 2 has its own competitive leagues. UGC (United Gaming Clans) and ESA. UGC controls the Highlander games. This is one of every class and usually is on payload maps. With different leagues for each skill level. (Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.) With the same kind of leagues for ESA 6s. Because of the amount of only 6 or 9 players. Player responsibility is extremely important.
An Example of Responsibility
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