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Hypnos, the God of Sleep

No description

Shruti Kumar

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Hypnos, the God of Sleep

Hypnos, the God of Sleep

Abilities and Powers
Though he was considered a minor and lazy god, Hypnos was believed to be quite powerful. Besides having the "standard powers of a god," he could also levitate or fly with his wings, and had authority over sleep. He could induce sleep and visions, and manipulate dreams. Hypnos has also been known to be able to shape shift into anything he desires, such as a bird.
Family and Background
mother: Nyx (goddess of Night)
father: Erebos (god of Darkness)
brother: Thanatos (god of Death)
wife: Pasithea (goddess of Hallucinations)
Children: represented Dreams
Personality and Appearance
Hera's Request
There are many tales about Hypnos, but one of the most common involves him overpowering Zeus, the god of all gods. Hera was once very angry with Hercules and wanted to punish him, without Zeus knowing. She asked Hypnos to use his powers, and when Zeus, who was very enraged when woken up, went out to look for him, he found Hypnos in the arms of his mother and gave up on revenge. He only warned Hypnos not to try something like that again. This myth also depicted Hypnos as slightly cowardly, adding to his personality.
Homer's Illiad
Hypnos, despite Zeus's advice, acted again. During the Trojan War, Hera wanted to help the Greeks, who were losing the war, and asked from him to put Zeus to sleep again so she could go through with her plans. Hypnos was very reluctant to do this again, and after many tries at appealing gift, Hera agreed to make Pasithea his wife. In the form of a bird, Hypnos flew to Zeus and put him to sleep after Hera seduced him. This resulted in a change in course for the Trojan War, and Zeus never found out that Hypnos had used his power on him again.
lived in a dark cave in the Underworld
Roman name: Somnus
words like "hypnosis" and "hypnotize" are derived from Greek name
words like "insomnia" and "somnolence" are derived from Roman name
symbol: poppy
Hypnos and Pasithea
Shruti Kumar
Hypnos was a minor Olympian god, often said to be the laziest of all the gods. He is described as a gentle young man with wings projecting from his shoulders or temples, but he can shape shift to look however he wants. In various depictions he is attributed with a poppy-stem, sleeping potion, inverted torch, or branch of dripping water from the river of Lethe (Forgetfulness).
3rd Hour
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