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Christmas Quiz

No description

Shanali Thirunavukkarasu

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz
Identify the images to phonetically sound out a medical phrase
Which genetic condition is most often associated with these features
Identify the images to phonetically sound out a medical phrase
Christmas eve
Gasping baby
Obstructed airway
CXR performed
Extracted under direct laryngoscopy with no anaesthesia
Elfin features are associated with: •
Williams syndrome
•Rare neurodevelopmental disorder
Characterized by a distinctive, “elfin” facial appearance, along with a low nasal bridge; an
unusually cheerful demeanor
and ease with strangers

(Noonans, Donohue)

Paintings of medicine- Name the artists
What is the name of this seasonal Opthamological condition?
Where does it most commonly occur?
Christmas Eye
What is the eponymous name for factor IX deficiency?
Who was the eponymee?
Christmas Disease:
Haemophylia Type B
Named after Stephen Christmas, the first patient to have Hamophilia B described and named by British doctor in 1952
Who's the odd one out and why?
By which name is Type IIIb jejunal Atresia with agenesis of the dorsal mesentry more commonly known?
Christmas tree bowel
Name this place?
Which pie originates from medieval Christmas time?
Chemical reaction to plant and dust matter
Infection causes a superficial ulcer over the conjunctiva and cornea resulting in pain and temporary loss of vision
Occurs in Nov-Jan in Australia
Also called alpine eye
Charlie the yorkshire terrier puppy keeps coughing.
His owner takes him to the vet on Boxing day
Vet retrieved the decoration with McGills forceps and no anaesthetic.

(therefore proving the paediatric anaesthesia is the same as veterinary medicine???)
Charlie was fine!
Last question..
christmas is ace
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