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Introduction to Intelligence

Presentations over study of research methods and psychological testing for AP Psychology.

Derek Miller

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Intelligence

Intelligence Tests
Aptitude Tests
Achievement Tests
Purpose: To predict future performance
A Little History...
Alfred Binet
Lewis Terman
David Wechsler
Process of determining meaningful test scores
Purpose: To measure current skills and abilities
Ex. End of Course exams / AP Exams
Check out the following video as an introduction...

Currently, there are two broad categories of...
These should have
Predictive Validity
These should have
content validity
use of procedures and content that is the same each time
Since most "I.Q." tests are Group Tests, let's look at how they are developed...
These tests can be either...
Individual Tests
Group Tests
Individual scored according to content criteria
Individual scored according to how everyone else does
First group takes test and is scored
Scores are put in a Distribution of Scores (like this one)
If scores look like a "Normal" distribution... the test is NORMED
"I.Q.", then, is determined by where YOUR score falls in the distribution (see below)
Mental Retardation
There are FOUR main Theories of Intelligence we will explore...
Intelligence Theories
Spearman's g (general intelligence)
Sternberg's Triarchic Theory
Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory
Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)
Getting Started...
Agenda (9/15/17)...
1. Please bring phone, binder and a pen/pencil;
2. Place Unit Two Cover Page into your binder after last
Unit Two Cover Page... A Little Preview
Intelligence Test Activity... An Introduction to, Well, Intelligence
Getting Started...
Agenda (9/19/17)...
1. Please ONLY bring binder and a pen/pencil (phone in
bag, bag in back or side);
2. Should have piece of colored paper at your desk
Opening Activity... Nature, Nurture & Intelligence
Target TI1 - Intelligence
- Notebook page 8
- "Foldable" over Theories of Intelligence (use of
Google Sites class website)
Return Exam One and Discuss Re-Assessment
Getting Started...
Agenda (9/20/17)...
1. Please bring binder and a pen/pencil
2. Phone in bag, bag in back or side... really, phone NOT
on you :);
3. Feel free to start the "Big Five Personality Test" (in TI1
& TI2 Assignment post in Classroom)
Big Five Inventory (Record your results for later)
Target TI2 - Psychological Tests
- Notebook page 9
- Quick "Jigsaw" over History of Intelligence Testing
- Lecture... Discussion... Notes
Quick Vocabulary/Theory Quiz

** I won't be here tomorrow; please follow directions in Google Classroom **
Stanford-Binet Test
"Father" of Intelligence Testing
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