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Socratic Seminar/ Philosophical Chairs

No description

Hunter Karickhoff

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Socratic Seminar/ Philosophical Chairs

Socratic Seminar/ Philosophical Chairs
What you need and how to do a Socratic Seminar and Philosophical Chairs. :3 What You need for your Socratic Seminar.!!! Steven, Desire, Hunter Steps To Philosophical Chairs. 1. 1. You would have notes for the next day
on the subject of the Socratic seminar. 3. On the day of the Seminar, there would
be a inner and outer circle. 4. You would be assigned to the inner
or outer group. 5. Only the inner circle can talk about the specific
subject. People will take turns on when to talk. Only 1 person can talk at a time. 6. The person talking would start the seminar discussion. And would then lead the rest of the discussion. 7. After a few people talked and discussed about
the subject, The teacher would either change up the
Seminar Discussion or switch out the groups. 8. Oh, I almost forgot! The outer circle takes notes on the inner circle about the topic and on how well they did. (Its the person sitting in front of the person taking the notes.) 9. After the teacher switches the two groups out. The other group would get the responsibilities of the previous group. 8. The process would repeat until the topic is over, or until class is over. The teacher would tell how well both groups did in both places. ALL DONE THERE! Ready for more? :) Time FOR SOME philosophical chairs!! Philosophical Chairs! Steps or Procedure on how to make your own chairs!
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