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The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

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Nikki Stang

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

The French The British Before the Battle Major General James Wolfe The French Before the Battle The French were defending against the British. They believed that reinforcements would be coming to help them defeat the British. The French were waiting inside of the safe fortress. The French could fire their canons on the huge numbers of British soldiers below. The French were easily outnumbered by the British. This was the reason why they did not attack the armies below. Marquise de Montcalm Marquise de Montcalm was the commander of the French army in the Seven Years War. He was born on February 28th, 1712 and he died on September 14th, 1759 at the age of 47. The French were defeated in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and when retreating, Montcalm was hit in the abdomen by a musket ball. He died the next day because of this injury. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was one of the many battles during the Seven Years War. The battle began on September 13th, 1759. British and French troops were fighting against each other in the war. This war between the French and British only lasted about fifteen minutes with less than 10,000 men fighting. The British The Battle of the Plains of Abraham By Danika Stang 7 Daenen What was the Battle of the Plains of Abraham? Where was the Battle of the Plains of Abraham? The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought on a field just outside of Quebec city. The field which the battle was fought on belonged to a farmer named Abraham Martin originally. This was the reason why the battle was named the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Bibliography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Plains_of_Abraham James Wolfe was born on January 2nd, 1727 and died on September 13th, 1759 at the age of 32. Wolfe was in command of the british army and navy during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. The Major General and his troops sailed up the St. Lawrence river to capture Quebec City after successfully capturing Fortress Louisburg where he got his title of "Major General."
At Quebec City the British defeated the French and captured the city. Major General James Wolfe got shot by several musket balls just below his ribs and died on the battlefield. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Wolfe Voices and Visions Grade 7 Textbook The British were the forces attacking against the French. Their original plan was to surround the fort and cut off all supplies headed towards it but this tactic would not work. The fort was on top of a large hill. The British were unable to attack the well-defended fortress because the hill looked near impossible to climb. The British had arrived a short time before winter to attack the French and needed to fight the French before the coldness soon came. The British decided that they would lure the French out of their safe fortress onto the field to fight. The French and the British Before the Battle Cannon balls were shot at the opposing army for almost nine weeks. The Fortress of Quebec had become destroyed but the British were unable to climb the hill to attack the French; Quebec had not been captured yet.
The commander of the French troops, Marquise de Montcalm, would not send his army to fight the British yet.
The British were very determined to fight the French and capture Quebec before winter. Major General James Wolfe sent his armies to massacre the villages and farms of habitants that lived at the base of the hill in hope to draw out the French soldiers. This tactic only caused the habitants to flee to the Fort Quebec for safety.
Winter was only days away and the British had not yet had their chance to capture Quebec. The British Battle Tactics When the sun came up on September 12th, the French were very surprised to see about 4400 British soldiers on the Plains of Abraham just out side of Quebec. They were in battle-ready and waiting to fight the French.
The British had secretly climbed to the high clifftop where the Plains of Abraham were. They could wait just behind the Fortress of Quebec and attack the French when they weren't expecting it. The French Battle Tactics Since the British showed up unexpected, ready to fight, the French did not plan how they would defend their city against the British. When the British showed up Marquise de Montcalm had to make a huge decision; would the French troops wait for reinforcements? Or would they go out side of the city and fight the British before they got stronger?
Inside of the fort Montcalm had 6000 soldiers and 300 aboriginal allies; more troops than the British had waiting for them outside.
Montcalm decided to go meet the enemy in battle before the British got any stronger. During the Battle 4000 French troops were lead out of the safety of the fortress to battle the 4400 British forces waiting for them.
The British were lined up on two lines that extended one mile over the whole field. The french formed several lines that did not extend far. The French fired at the British but were too far away. A giant volley of musket balls were shot at the French. It caused great damage but they fired back, also causing lots of damage in the British army. The French and British fired at each other and engaged in sword battle. After about 15 minutes of killing, the French realized that they were being defeated and retreated back to the fortress. The British pursued them and claimed the fort for Britain.
About 1300 men died in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. There has never been a bloodier battle on Canadian soil. After The Battle After the Battle of the Plains of Abraham the remaining British soldiers occupied the city of Quebec for the winter. During the harsh weather, more British soldiers died of disease than those who died in battle. French soldiers who survived the battle retreated to Montreal. Aboriginal allies were no longer willing to fight for the French.
On September 8th, 1760, the French surrendered; New France was now in command of the British. New France British Musket Gun Cannon Video Quiz 1. How long did the Battle of the Plains of Abraham last?
A. 10 minutes
B. 15 hours
C. 15 minutes
D. 1 hour 2. How many French soldiers fought in the Battle?
A. 4000
B. 4400
C. 14000
D. 1000 3. How many British soldiers fought in the battle?
A. 4000
B. 3400
C. 400
D. 4400 4. How did Major General James Wolfe die?
A. He died by getting hit by several musket balls just below his ribs and died on the battle field.
B. He died by getting hit by several musket balls just below his ribs and died the day after.
C. He died by getting hit by a musket ball in the abdomen and died on the battle field.
D. He died by getting hit by a musket ball in the abdomen and died the day after Answers 1. C
2. A
3. D
4. A
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