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Papal Legation

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on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Papal Legation

'The Roman Church from the very earliest days of its foundation has had the custom of dispatching its legates to all regions which are distinguished by the name of the Christian religion.'

- Pope Gregory VII, Epistolae vagantes, ep. 21 ‘Matters which the governor and ruler of the Roman Church cannot manage to deal with by his own presence, he can entrust on his behalf to legates, and through them proclaim the precepts of salvation and integrity of life to all the churches established throughout the world; and he can diligently instruct them by apostolic doctrine in all matters which belong to our holy religion.’

- Pope Gregory VII, Epistolae vagantes, ep.21 '... we carry out the laws of Heaven more effectively if we share our burdens with our brethren.'

- Pope Gregory I, Registrum epistularum, 2.5

‘Since we are occupied with many ecclesiastical affairs and cannot come to you personally, we have committed to him our complete authority.'

- Pope Alexander II, Diploma de legatione s. Petri Damiani in Gallias, PL 145:857 John VIII (872-82) ‘I have set you over peoples and kingdoms to root up and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant’

(Jeremiah 1:10) Sharing the Burden:
The Foundations of Medieval Papal Legation Kriston R. Rennie
University of Queensland/Clare Hall, Cambridge Hadrian II (867-72) Nicholas I (858-67) '... to whom we have also committed power on our behalf among you, so that, duly pursuing the things that belong to the order of sacred religion, he may, in the prophet’s words, "uproot and destroy, build and plant".’

- Pope Gregory VII, Register, 5.2 Three Cases 1. ‘out of reverence for the apostles Peter and Paul’
(ob reverentiam principum apostolorum Petri et Pauli). 2. legatus 'e latere' Prophet St Peter Pope Legate 'legate of the apostolic see'
[legatus natus] Saint Boniface 3. The 'Injunction of Jeremiah'
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