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2016 Budget

No description

City of Chattanooga

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of 2016 Budget

Safer Streets
Operating &
Capital Budget

Offers Funded: 29
Total Funded: $107,835,671
Total Requested: $113,985,374


Growing Economy



High Performing Government
Safer Streets
A Growing Economy
Smarter Students & Stronger Families
Stronger Neighborhoods
High Performing Government

Smarter Students &
Stronger Families
Offers Funded: 21
Total Funded: $24,133,965
Total Requested: $29,178,659
Offers Funded: 16
Total Funded: $43,188,848
Total Requested: $46,196,477
Offers funded: 23
Total Funded: $23,575,952
Total Requested: $26,436,421
Available Funds FY2016
Staff analyzed historical info & current trends to estimate revenue for FY2016.

Estimated general fund revenue for FY2016 is $221,000,000, a 1.91% increase over FY2015 budgeted revenues.
Budgeting for Outcomes
Allocate Revenue
to Priorities
General Government
Costs Trends
FY2014 - FY2016
Major Designated Funds Summary
- After School & Summer
Food Program
- Art in YFD Centers
- Tech Goes Home
- Investments in YFD Centers

Offers Funded: 24
Total Funded: $22,265,564
Total Requested: $30,164,274

- Tech Hire
- Growing Small Business Initiative
- Investments in Innovation District
& Innovation Center
- Cut Permitting Red Tape
- Volkswagen Expansion

- Veterans Homeless to Housed
- Street Paving - $3.2 Million
- Continued Recycling Expansion
- Wilcox Tunnel Improvements
- Codes Collaborative
- Special Victims Unit
- Restructured Police Operations
- In-car Cameras + Body Camera Pilot
- New Fire Apparatus
No Tax Increase
- Open Budget Tool
- Employee Pay Increase
- Competitive Benefits for Talent Retention
Last year, the City made major investments, resulting in...
and our work continues.
- VW investment to create 2,000 new jobs
- Housed 24 homeless veterans
- Created the Family Justice Center
- Fixed the Fire + Police Pay Plans
- Launched Growing Small Biz initiative
- Established Baby University
- FAFSA's completed for over 341 students
- Lexia Literacy Initiative
- Expanded Recycling Program

Expense by
Expense Type
Open Budget Tool
Revenue by Source
Introducing an additional transparency tool to add to the City's Open Data suite. Our new Open Budget Tool will provide the community with an innovative way to explore our City budget. ---
Launch on May 26
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