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No description

Shannon Lopez

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Op-art

Art that is awesome! Bridget Riley is an op-artist
Best known woman op-artist
Her artwork is all over the world
First painted with Black and white with simple geometric shapes (1960)
Later (1967) she began doing more complicated things Bridget Riley Op-art is short for OPTICAL ILLUSION
It may look like the picture does something when it doesn't
It may hurt your eyes to look at it too long
Some of the artists are Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, and Frank Stella
Art was introduced in a Time Magazine in 1964 Op-Art Our Project We are now going to do a project that is an op-art piece.
You will need a lot of patience because it gets frustrating sometimes.
I tried different projects, then I picked one. Why I picked this project I thought it would be a cool project to do.
I have not seen a lot of op-art in art and poetry
I thought it would be fun to have our eyes tricked and have us be the artists
OP-ART The End Important elements LINES
op-art picture often depends on the line
slight curve of line can make it look like it goes in or pops out
This is important to an op-art picture Vocabulary Vanishing point
a point in the picture where it all seems to disappear
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