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History Beauty Pageants:

No description

Lilly Mata

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of History Beauty Pageants:

Adult Beauty Pageants
London Winters
7 years
History of Beauty Pageants:
The first recorded beauty contest in America took place in 1880 , in Delaware, where inventor Thomas Edison was a Judge.
Miss America is one of the oldest and most popular Beauty Pageants to date followed by Miss USA which was founded in 1952
The first ever Miss America pageant took place in Atlantic City, in 1921,and the primary purpose was to attract tourists.
History Continued...
The Miss America Organization is the world's largest provider of scholarships to women in the world.
These young women get to travel all over the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all nationalities
Glamor appeals to these women and it teaches them that they should be judged by their looks and bodies instead of their intelligence and personality.
It can send the message out to young men that women are objects and that the prettier they are, the more worthy they are.
For some women, if lost, these competitions can result in depression, drugs, in some occasions an enormous hit to they're self-esteem.
Even winning in these competitions, these women get targeted , media tends to bring up bad past, small flaws, racial comments etc.
Margaret Gorman the first Miss America
"Eating right and exercise"
"Learning something new and meeting new people."
"I didn't get accepted for a play, so i lost self esteem."
"3 main
categories scholarship, beauty, and glitz"
Tara Broderick
Miss California Teen 2011
Miss Tulare County 2014
2 years
"Watched news everyday after school."
"Crossfit Bloodshed"
There are various (Adult 18+)Beauty pageant competitions in society today, the most popular ones are the “Miss America” and “Miss USA”, which are part of the “Miss Universe” Organization.
Miss America is an annual competition where women compete to see who is the most talented, beautiful, and most intelligent. Miss America upholds the responsibility to compete for the United States in the Miss Universe Pageant and to be an influential speaker across the US.
"Nothing that has to do with a scandalous lifestyle"
"But, spending a $1,000 is worth it knowing that I made over $10,000 in scholarship money."
Some rules as well as new features were added to the Miss America competition around the 1930's which included:
an added talent competition
contestants were no longer able to represent cities, resorts, or theaters only states
contestants must not be and have never been married
contestants must not have or have had any children
contestants must be of the white race only
Miss America Timeline
-It wasn't until 1970 (almost 10 years after The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom) that the rules barring non-whites changed
-The first black contestant is Cheryl Brown, Miss Iowa
The first black Miss America Winner is actress and singer Vanessa Williams
- The first foreign-born, bilingual Miss America, having been born in Asunción, Paraguay Sharlene Wells is crowned
-First Miss America winner of Haitian descent is Marjorie Judith Vincent
- Heather Whitestone is crowned the first deaf Miss America
-The first Filipino american and asian american winner is Angela Perez Baraquio
-Nina Davuluri is the first woman of Indian Decent to be crowned
Miss USA Timeline
- Macel Wilson is the first Asian American Miss USA
-Marite Ozers first froeign born Miss USA
- Laura Martinez-Herring is the first Hispanic-American winner
- The first African American Miss USA is Carole Gist
- Rima Fakihis the first Muslim-American Miss USA. Born in Lebanon
Lets be politically correct with Donald Trump
Toddlers and Tiaras?
Pros of Child Pageants
Little kids learn from a young age to lose graciously
Helps a child discover his or her talents
Help a child build their confidence
Friendships are made through pageants
"Getting over" stage fright and public speaking
Encourage healthy competition and skills
Can pave the way for girls who want a career in modeling, acting, singing
Cons of Child Pageants
A lot of focus is on appearance
Children are too young to say no if they don't want to participate
Can cause cognitive and emotional problems in the future. A 2007 APA report showed that the hypersexualization of young girls can cause eating disorders, depression, and a low self esteem
Hair spray contains phthalates and is widely used in these pageants, and these chemicals can cause growth stunts and has been linked to lung cancer
Very expensive
How does pageants affect society
as a whole?
Pageants are teaching girls the wrong thing. They have allowed young girls to think that they have to be beautiful.
Young girls strive to achieve perfection that does not exist.
It causes them to put themselves down and do things that they shouldn't do.
It causes men to perceive women more differently.
Society glorifies women more.
They also encourage more girls of any age to get scholarships.
"The Miss America Education Mission." Miss America : Education Mission. N.p., 26 Feb. 2010. Web. 29 Sept. 2014.

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History of child Pageants
Child Pageants began in the 1960's.
Consisted of: Modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance & talent
Children are judjed on the individuality in look, poise, perfection, and confidence or as the judjes calls it, "The complete Package"
As soon as a child can sit up, he or she ca be entered into child pageants
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