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About Me!!

These are some main things about me so you can know me better!

Etana Jafralie

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of About Me!!

About Me!!
Hi my name is Etana
My birthday is on July23rd
I was born in 2002.

My Family
I have a brother in grade 3 who is 7. I have a step sister in University who is 22 and I have a mom and a dad!
I like...
Some of the things I like are : Sports,I love volleyball, basketball, football, baseball and much more!I like ice- cream,popcorn,pizza and rice pudding.I like being outdoors I love nature.My favorite color is Blue!

I Don't like...
Some things I do not like is the color brown and I really don't like you.
Here are other things about me!I have a best friend named Koml she is great!Koml and I have been best friend since grade1! I hoped you have learned some things about me!
My Info
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