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Hemp Presentation

No description

Rebecca Chavez

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Hemp Presentation

presented by: Rebecca Chavez
AMM 160 Fiber: HEMP Fiber Source: PHOTOS Fiber Structure: Diameter is uneven
Exhibits many joints
Fiber ends are thick-walled
Cross-sections rounded edges
Looks like bamboo- Flax PHOTOS Fiber Identification Characteristics: PHOTOS Fiber End Use Products: PHOTOS Natural, bast fiber plant
Neolithic Age in China
First plant to be domestically cultivated
Controversy- Marijuana look alike
Grown around the world
Little to no pesticides needed Videos THE END Hemp is a very eco-friendly crop. It requires no pesticides and needs little water, yet it renews the soil with each growth cycle. It's long roots prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. Hemp grows readily in most temperate regions. Conclusion Hemp Marijuana Cross section view longitudinal view Burn Test Logos and Trademarks Positives Negatives strong
uv resistant
mold/rot resistant
high moisture absorbency
moisture transfer (wicking)
Linen- Similar properties burns quickly, smoke is white, smells like burnt paper, ash is grey or white, no melted bead wrinkles
not color fast- not rich
illegal Ropes, Sails, Nets Hemp vs. Cotton Durable
Gains strength when wet
moisture transfer (wicking) elasticity
too soft
not as durable
too much flexibility Significance: Hemp products: Apparel, Paper (Bible, Alice in wonderland), Cars, Lotion, Food, Ropes, Nets, Sails The Germans have introduced other innovative methods of fiber separation using steam explosion and ultrasonic waves. More recently, researchers in Poland have developed a plasma treatment for producing hemp paper Innovative Techniques: Hemp Processing "Eartheasy." Hemp Clothing. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 May 2013.

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