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The number of hotdogs eaten at major league baseball games in a season

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Travis Carey

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The number of hotdogs eaten at major league baseball games in a season

By: Travis Carey
Eli Greeson Assumptions Pre-Research Plan/Process/Calculations Predictions Research Our plan will be the same, we will multiply the number of games by the average number of hot dogs sold per game * How many teams there are
* How many games they play
* How many rainy days are in a season
* How many Hot dogs are eaten each game
* How many players on a team
* How many people show up for a game Our plan is to find out the number of games in a season and the number of dogs eaten per game and multiply those numbers. 25 teams
x12 games/ per team
=300 games
x750 hot dogs/ per game
=225,000 hot dogs/ per season * We found out that 30 teams play 162 games a season depending on the teams year.
* The average number of hot dogs eaten per game is 10,651 hot dogs.

We acquired these calculations from wikipedia and cha-cha. How many Hotdogs are eaten at major league
during a season? Plan Calculations 10,651 hot dogs/ per game
x 162 games/per season
= 1,725,462 hot dogs eaten per season Comparing our Predictions Our pre-research prediction was very incorrect to the actual sum because we didn't really know anything about it, after researching we had accurate answers to find our sum. Random Box Bruh.... Not really, any questions? No? Okay have a nice day :D
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