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King Arthur:Pre-Reading

A pre-reading lesson on Arthurian legend

Celia Collins

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of King Arthur:Pre-Reading

Legend What do you know
about King Arthur? Arthur is said to have been the one to pull
the sword from the stone, therefore,
he was declared the rightful king of England Once king, Arthur was known
for his fearless knights and
their place at his round table The most famously noble and successful of
these knights
was Sir Lancelot Though Arthur was the king of England, his kingdom had the title of Camelot Who, today, is a knight
of England? Sir Elton John,
Sir Paul McCartney, British citizens are nominated each year for knighthood, and often knighthood is awarded for civil service and/or contributions to the nation In the age of King Arthur,
the knights were more like soldiers, and King Arthur, like Beowulf, fought alongside his men in battle. If there were a single word to describe
King Arthur and his legend, it would be
"Chivalry." Other knights in King Arthur's court include:
Sir Galahad
Sir Gawain
Sir Tristan
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