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cellular memory

No description

Victoria Manthei Mansberger

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of cellular memory

"in love with you
in love with me
i'm delightful juicy
and ever so ever
very pleased to meet

brass tacks
symbol and syntax speak
and in this context
i'm ever so happy
that you have decided
to invade me"
"uh hum na hunh
uh hum uh hum
uh hodie oh ow ow
uh hum uh hum

i'm a bit behind
i've just learned to speak
you're going to have to
forgive me"
Can you believe that
this was me
dividing multiplicity
beguiling duplicity
a bloop bloop symphony
of finally
at last it seems
my body
"oh nuclear
oh nucleus
oh nuclei

things move slow
are always sticky
and unclear
bathed in a styrene pink
forget about it

i'm already on the outside
and covered with dirt
shitting and fucking
and smelling of work"
"the maker's neat
oh int int he?
maker's neat
keep em come-ing
“i'm a double exposed photograph. in one scene i'm turning twelve and i'm holding the cake my dad made me up at an angle so the camera can get both my face and the cake. in the other scene it's dark and snowing and i'm in love with the person holding the camera. we are at the end of my driveway and in the picture this is always happening."
"i'll give you something
to cry about

whoever told you that
life was gonna be fair
come here
come here
come right here"
i don't remember this or anything really
it's all this blurry and ugly and reeling
i sit in shit and i don't get fed
my sister plays church
and she tries to save me
it's all about turning the other cheek
for the light
windmill to
my knees

there's a
i'll remember
in the beginning

shut up about it

lie about it
rat king knot
in borges-daydream

play and
forget about it
and try not to get dirty

there's something here
a place where no one can breathe
endure for me please
another dichotomy
what's up here is not down there
by definition you see
what is is what isn't isn't
as clear as can be
if the word is not the thing
i don't know what a word could be
a word is all it isn't as well
as what it can be

this is where i can start
to get you
to empathize
i start with whine
a half empty

and you are already not

magnifying glass
i start with the whine
why do you talk like a baby?
why do you talk like this, baby?
why do you talk?

it's a membrane wall
you shed with every
weak pulse you call heart
weak part with every beat
it's a cell it's a wall
cellular memory
look papa come see
i've made meaning
from an image
look papa out the window
it's meaning
it's meaning
all over the yard
canaan image
canon image
can an image
make another image
can one make one
grow from a tree
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