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Romanian Children's Relief

Ana Sullivan

Lyndsay Janzen

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Romanian Children's Relief

RCR Program Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) is an organization that was started by Michael Carroll, a photographer from Boston, United States. He went to Romania and took pictures of the children that lived in orphanages Michael Carroll decided that the best way to help more children was to organize a group of people. RCR started working in 1990.
RCR helps children that lived in orphanages and are now in foster families; children that lived in hospitals; and also families, so that they do not abandon the children.

There are 22 Romanian professional workers in hospitals, orphanages and foster families. More than 100 volunteers in the United States have been working a lot and one executive director in Boston, Massachusetts READING Program
RCR has a reading program for children in the hospital and foster care. They visit the children, they read and do activities with the books.
In the hospitals, RCR works by making the children exercise, sing and play.
RCR has also classes for parents to prevent abandonment. RCR volunteers provide attention like talk, hold, feed, and bath the children so they stay fresh and clean. RCR gets money, medicine and training and volunteers from organizations like USAID, LIFT THE CHILDREN, International Women clubs and Rotary clubs. There are lots of companies like Microsoft, Fidelity, and Pepsi that help too, and schools like the American School of Paris and Bucharest, the International School of Stuttgart and other private schools in the United States. Other anonymous donors, like my family also help RCR
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