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Estar with location notes.

Jessica Temple

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Estar

-Temporary Condition The Verb Estar describes: ...and so does Ser. Ser is used for
different things than Estar. Estar means "to be" Conjugation Estar is an irregular verb! You have
to memorize it's conjugation! Estar This unit, we will be working
mostly with Estar describing
LOCATION! Yo estoy = I am

Tú estás = you are

Él/Ella/Usted está =
He/She is; You (f) are
La mochila está = the backpack is Nosotros estamos = we are

Vosotros estáis = You all (Spain) are

Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes están = They/you all are
Las grapadoras están = the staplers are Estar = to be Examples: I am at school = Yo estoy en la escuela.
She is at home = Ella está en casa.
We are here = Nosotros estamos aquí. The él/ella/usted form and the ellos/ellas/ustedes forms can also be used to talk about where objects are: The pencil is on the desk = El lápiz está en el pupitre.
The folders are in the backpack = Las carpetas están en la mochila. Yes, está means is and
están means are! Practice 1. I am
2. We are
3. The book is
4. You are
5. The staplers are
6. The flag is Practice Answers: 1. Yo estoy
2. Nosotros estamos
3. El libro está
4. Tú estás
5. Las grapadoras están
6. La bandera está Means "To BE." When conjugated
it is used to say"am/is/are."
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