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Imperialism in Haiti

No description

Jenna Rosen

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in Haiti

The Imperial
was the dominating nation that took advantage of
Imperialism in Haiti
was used by the
for its resources.
By: Jenna Rosen, Heather Scott, Abby Wooten & Kenneth Cha
Historical Background
Resources Gained By France
Reason For Taking Over
The French received 1/3 of the island Hispanola from the spanish in 1697.
It was awarded as part of the Treaty of Ryswick, which ended the nine years war the French fought against "The Grand Alliance."
The French renamed the area Saint Domingue and made it into a French colony.

- the French took over Haiti with their resources.
- the French had complete power leaving Haiti powerless.
- the bigger football player is France and smaller player is Haiti. France is showing they have more money and power than Haiti.
- author uses the money sign showing
what France made
What Was Life Like
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from taking over. Super bowl saying there is always a winner and a loser in this "game" and democracy saying that the weaker country never had a chance to create one.
- the exaggeration in this picture is that the one football player of the left is at least 2x bigger than the football player of the right so the sizes of the football player is exaggerated.

African slaves were worked so hard by French plantation owners that half died within a few years.
It was cheaper to import new slaves than to improve working conditions enough to increase survival.
Slaves were forced to work 12-hour days.
The French used the colony to produce coffee beans, sugar cane, spices to flavor their bland food, indigo to dye clothes, tobacco, and cotton for clothes

Around 1767, Saint Domingue was the supplier of 2/3 of all tropical products to Europe and was more profitable than all of the North American colonies combined

Many African slaves were brought into the colony to work the many plantations.

Important People
Haitian Revolution
Toussaint Louverture was the leader of the Haitians and he led a slave revolt against France during the 18th century. He succeeded and controlled all of Haiti after the rebellion.
Napoleon attempted to regain control over Haiti in 1802 by forcing Toussaint to resign from power.
However he was unable to regain full control of Haiti and he decided to give up on the French New World territories all together.
The French tortured slaves; they were whipped, burned, buried alive, allowed to be bitten by swarms of insects, and raped
Slaves caught eating the sugar cane would be forced to wear tin muzzles in the fields

It was legal for a slaveholder to kill a slave who hit a white person
In 1791, a slave revolt broke out on the French colony. Toussaint-Louverture, a former slave, took control of the rebels. He renamed the area Haiti after its original name.

Two months after defeating Napoleon Bonaparte's colonial forces, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was chosen to be the leader of the state and he announced the independence of Saint-Domingue.
Negative Effects of Imperialism
France had no justification for taking over Haiti because the original population was already demolished

Haiti's population was mainly made up of slaves from Africa
Therefore the French didn't see any reason to justify their actions
In order to keep France out of Haiti, they were forced to pay 90 million francs in gold. It consumed 80% of Haiti's budget.
Haiti became the poorest county in the western hemisphere after the occupation of both France and the U.S.
This was the most successful slave revolt in history and the only one to lead to the foundation of a country.

Haiti became in independent country on Janurary 1, 1804.
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