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Bring Back the Old LPS!!!!!

Hasbro has changed everything! This video has all the reasons why the "old" LPS should come back! Enjoy!

Caitlin Clift

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Bring Back the Old LPS!!!!!

Reason 1: Kids all around the world love LPS. They are cute loveable pets! Maybe even some love the "new" LPS. But to me, and millions of others, they are cartoony, unrealistic and upset many long-time LPS collectors, such as myself. The eyes, one word. HUGE. Painting, it looks like nobody cares. I have one new one that is an owl. It is only two colors! Blue body and gold eyes! Ever heard of taking your time Hasbro? I am very disappointed. Reason 4: Here is the last and final reason you should bring the old LPS back. Everything. Jeez, I could name a billion reasons. But here are a couple: You know how you put the year the LPS was made in on the belly or something like that? Yeah, well I have an old LPS and a new LPS with the same year. So I don't know if you have been planning this all along, but that makes me angry. Another thing is Blythe. She is like the new face of LPS. It's called Littlest PET Shop, not Littlest BLYTHE Shop! Gimmie a break, Hasbro. Gimmie a break.. Reason 2: Um.. fairies? Okay I know little kids love fairies and princesses and stuff, but there are adults who play with LPS. There are me who play with LPS. Not just toddlers here!
Think about everyone for once. Fairies with wings that glow? Wings that are like 10 times bigger than the pet itself? It's obvious Hasbro. You can still keep the fairies and have the old ones come back, but no. You had to get rid of the old ones altogether. Reason 3: There is like, um NOWHERE to get 'em! Online shops like eBay and Amazon have them selling for hundreds of dollars! Target? I asked a lady there and she said the chance of finding one there is one in a million. Pfff! Really Hasbro? I don't want to be mean or anything, but I am really upset. BRING BACK THE OLD LPS!!!!! Reasons why you should bring 'em back, Hasbro!

By: Caitlin Clift
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