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Localization mindset 101

No description

Alice R.

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Localization mindset 101

What is "localization"?
Important things to know about...
Design & UI
Word order in a sentence can be completely different
Punctuation is different
If possible, don't break up sentences into smaller parts

10,000 and 10.000 switch meaning in some languages
Date order varies
Include variables
and placeholders
instead, so order
and style can be

Be consistent on how you pull the preferred language. App language should be prioritised over OS language.
special characters: á, ä, ñ, ¿, ő and
right to left languages?
UTF-8 everything
FR, DEU, HU have longer words than English
PT and ES have short words, but requires more of them to get to the point
Calculate with up to double the space or two lines
Don't center words with pixels from the left and the top
Names are used differently in our different markets:
Visual metaphors easily get lost in translation
Give us instructions when you need to keep a keyword in the wording
Localizability/localization process
Final touch
Calculate with 150-180% of the English characters
Use fonts that support special characters
Center with code, not with pixels
Communicate character limitations and context
Avoid text as image files
Ping translators when a word is crucial for a visual metaphor
Keep editable file format for the future
Send text to translator when English copy is at least 98% final

Send raw files for translation via JIRA or automate with Transifex
Brief external translators about style guide and product strategy
Remember cultural preferences about names
UTF-8 everything
Use placeholders that are are
informative (What is it?) and
flexible (Can we change the order?)
Give context via comments or screenshots
Make URLs localizable (SEO!)
Be consistent on how you pull the preferred language.
App language > OS language.
100% or 0% translated is better than 50% translated
Contact translators for localization check of big releases with a reasonable time buffer
As long there's no auto-sync set up, notify translators about any changes in English via JIRA
Thank you
Vielen Dank!
How can your work help Tresorit's localization?
Localization Cheat Sheet
Plan with full or no names as a compromise.
Collect gender information and academic titles
The idiom "FOR THE RECORD"


"for the protocol" (DEU, PT)
"to make it a fact" (ES)
"to make things clear" (FR)
How you see it:
How we see it:
What we do without instructions:
Avoid text as image files, keep editable file for future

Make URLs localizable

localization check
before release of an app (update)
UI and UX can be optimized, bugs can be found
Most fixes can make it into the release
(of apps, website, emails and marketing whitepapers)
Basic English literacy can't be assumed.
Bad localization on critical workflow steps can be a bummer even for intermediate speakers

can be understood

looks and feels like big player, not spam or tiny start-up

looks and feels like professional domestic service
1:1 translations

Consistent & properly
spelled translations

Cultural adaption of text style,
UI awareness, and real-time updates

Strategy compliant cultural
adaption of content

Reduce contact barriers

Create market-specific content

Build market-specific partnerships

Comply to local payment standards

Comply to local legislation and consumer protection

Market-specific product research
and product adaptions
Why localization?
Involves marketing, support, sales, design, documentation, and product teams
Supporting regional languages is what the really big ones do
Google Drive 68
SugarSync 60+ (via Google Translate, that's cheating)
Dropbox 20
Box 8
SpiderOak 1

People drop mobile apps because of bad localization
US 48%
UK 47%
Korea 44%
China 36%
Japan 35%
Isn't such a big fuss way too early for Tresorit?
yes and no
now is the time to pave the way for
faster, better, cheaper
ready for 3 languages = ready for 9, too
many of you
speak German
, but what about other languages?
bad processes backfire most when it's time for
developer time is too precious for
copy-pasting text bits
What has to be translated?
website (incl. SEO)
all apps (incl. QA)
all emails
support content and macros
whitepaper resources
visuals that include text

What requires market-specific efforts?
Terms of Service
PR and marketing materials
PR partnerships
whitepaper resources
payments (currency, VAT, method, invoicing)
user privacy meeting German privacy laws
ENG UK: 11/12/2015
DEU: 11.
HU: 2015. 12. 11.
Mind the date and prices -
Dec 11th 2015, 12.70€
is not the way to go in other languages
ES: 11/12/2015
PT: 11/12/2015
KO: 2015년 12 월 11 일
FR: 16-11-2015
JP: 2015 12 11
wrong translation
Clumsy, wrong grammar
still English
several levels of sync automagic possible:
for now
managed by me
(upload, translate, download)
please deliver resources in raw format
via JIRA
, not in docs or spreadsheets
I will upload exported files via JIRA, too
future plans
recognizes web
updates automatically, syncs and notifies translators
teams can upload resources themselves, translators can flag questions/problems there
automatic sync back
to web platforms (website, web client, emails)
manage external translators from there
please help this by helping automation
please provide meaningful placeholders
rather than
please make comments in the code in English
please don't skip the process for missing translations with Google Translate, cousins that lived in Germany, or via Slack
Only 20% of world population speaks English
Only 26% of online use is in English

Cross-border online shoppers avoid purchases because of:
foreign currency (24%)
wrong language of website/support (26%)
unknown return/refund policy (30%)

Spam and fraud is usually not localized, only
20% Italian spam in Italy
14% French spam in France
10% German spam in Germany
9% Japanese spam in Japan

... and if it's localized, language quality is a
strong indicator for trustworthyness
101 Tresorit Localization
Don't communicate TO the people as you would talk ABOUT them
You can't communicate TO the people as you would talk ABOUT them
looks funky on o
Prezi Desktop App:
Win 10 menu:
OS set to ENG
Keyboard set to DE
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